Essay on Marijuana Is Scientifically Known As Cannabis Sativa

Essay on Marijuana Is Scientifically Known As Cannabis Sativa

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Marijuana is scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa. The most famous name for the drug was cannabis unit in the 1930s when the use of the word marijuana increased significantly in the United States. The term marijuana was being used as a more toxic word than cannabis during debates against the use of drugs. Marijuana use dates back in 2900 BC where it was used for medical purposes. In 2700BC a Chinese legend Emperor Shen Nung who was considered as the father of Chinese medicine made a discovery that marijuana had some medicinal properties. It contains ginseng and ephedra which are the main ingredients in the Chinese medicine. However, marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals and THC being the main component that determines the strength of the drug (ProCon, 2013).
In the 20th century, marijuana was still being used as a drug. In 1900, it was in South Asian countries such as India to treat loss of appetite, bronchitis, and asthma. The first state in the United States to declare the use of marijuana illegal was Massachusetts in 1911. In 1913, there were three bills introduced by Representative Francis B. Harrison to regulate the international selling of opium which would help to control the production of opium in the United States. This bill was passed and in January 1915, it was made law. On the 19th of February 1925, a multilateral agreement restricting the use marijuana to medical and scientific purposes only was signed by the League of Nations. The agreement was the first multilateral agreement about marijuana that was signed. The United Kingdom added marijuana to the list of the most dangerous drugs in the country
in 1928. In 1938, there were new medications that were developed for relieving pain and they replaced cannabis....

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...s the rate at which cancer cells spread (Welsh & Loria, 2014).
The hemp plant is a valuable agriculture resource and legalizing it paves the way for its cultivation and industrialization. Governments the world are spends a lot of money on the war against marijuana. There would be more money for the government to use on other more pressing issues if marijuana was legal. Prohibition of the drug does not help much, but according to study, it also increases the use of the drug by increasing curiosity in people (US News, 2016).
The demand for marijuana is high because of its use as a drug and for medicinal purposes. However, only a few people grow marijuana since it is considered illegal in many countries. The amount of marijuana required by the market is satisfied with the quantity of cannabis that is supplied by the few growers of the plant (Blevins, 2016).

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