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    the future, but will not damage our environment. One of the most promising sources of fiber, fuel, and natural oil is hemp. Hemp, also known as Cannabis Sativa L, has been used in our country since the early 17th century (Schreiber 160). Although hemp is considered an illegal drug, many people forget that it is a part of our country’s history. Despite its negative connotations, hemp has the potential to revolutionize the paper, cotton, and fuel industries. Its long fibers can be weaved with others

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    Hemp In the entire world, there has never been a plant quite as amazing as Cannabis Sativa. Being the world’s only renewable resource capable of solving many of it’s environmental, psychological, and economic problems, it is of no surprise that the plant has made quite an impact in the discovery of the New World. Cannabis Sativa, also known as; Hemp, cannabis hemp, Indian (India) hemp, true hemp, muggles, weed, pot, marijuana, reefer, grass, ganja, bhang, "the kind," dagga, and herb became an ideal

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    Hemp PREAMBLE As we enter a new millennium, we find ourselves reevaluating the paths we've chosen and the decisions we've made. Have we made the best with what we've got or are we stumbling in the dark? How many gaps riddle the blanket of our knowledge? The problem lies in how we make sense of where we're heading. Do we choose the path of economics and progress or do we choose the path of environmentalism and sustainability? Is there a median available for us to take where the greens of economy

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    Hemp and its multitude of amazing uses Hannah Ison In the last few years, people have started to rediscover hemp and all of its amazing uses. Up until the end of the nineteenth century, hemp was admired for its medicinal and practical properties. This admiration was abandoned by modern pharmacology due to the symbolic role of marijuana in counter-culture; this created a widespread aversion to hemp and the entire cannabis plant. Abuse of cannabis as a drug led to the prohibition of hemp cultivation

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    that many of them already exist. The magic bullet from the past that Narveson neglected to mention is industrial hemp. Hemp was no secret to America's founders, in 1619 a law was passed in Virginia that made it illegal for farmers not to grow hemp. The same law took effect in Massachusetts in 1631, Connecticut in 1632, and the Chesapeake Colonies in the mid-1700s, at which time hemp was the world's leading crop. To quote George Washington, "Make the most of hempseed and sow it everywhere." It

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    High on Hemp For many years people have been confused about hemp and marijuana, they think that they are the same thing, the reality of that is they are very different. Marijuana and hemp do look alike, but marijuana has something that the hemp plant does not. Marijuana has bud-like flowers that contain large amounts of THC (the chemical that gets one "stoned"). The hemp plant doesn't have this flower, and contains next to nothing of the THC chemical. In fact, the entire plan doesn't contain

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    sustainability, with no pesticides and considerably less water? Well, yes, it’s very possible, just not here in the United States. Hemp is the answer to these possibilities. Here in Santa Cruz, a town well educated in marijuana, seemingly little is known about hemp. While hemp and marijuana are both plants of the Cannabis genus, hemp can’t be smoked like marijuana. Most hemp contains zero percent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. Some contain at most, 0.3 percent

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    Hurry Up Long recognized as one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, Ganja truly can heal the earth. Unknown to many today, cannabis hemp was used worldwide in paper, fiber, lamp oil and nautical applications throughout the 19th century, constituting "possibly the largest agricultural and industrial businesses in America" (Herer 83). In the early part of the 1800s cannabis was the number one medicine in the US (83). It held that spot tightly, until it was nudged to second place by morphine in 1863

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    Hemp has so many uses, it should be a crime that it's illegal. One acre will produce as much fiber as 2 to 3 acres of cotton. The fiber is stronger and softer than cotton. It also lasts twice as long as cotton, and will not mildew. Cotton grows only in moderate climates and requires more water than hemp. Hemp is frost tolerant and only needs moderate amounts of water. Cotton requires large quantities of pesticides and herbicides. None of these are required for hemp production and only moderate amounts

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    annabis Hemps Effect on the Environment It is already well known that the legalization of marijuana could have great economic benefits, like it has in Colorado and elsewhere by allowing the government to tax it (like it now does on liquor and cigarettes), by ending expensive law enforcement, and by freeing millions of innocent and non-violent marijuana offenders in flooded federal and state prisons. Legalizing marijuana, some say, would eliminate many negative environmental impacts associated with