A Personal Opinion Essay About Marijuana

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There has always been controversy about marijuana and the affects it has on health and the issue of legalization. Some people believe it is very destructive to one’s health, and yet others feel the complete opposite about it. Is Marijuana truly harmful to one’s health? “Marijuana, the Deceptive Drug”, written by George Bierson, was published in the Massachusetts News. In this article, Bierson determines that marijuana is harmful in many ways. He seems to think that it damages the brain, the reproductive system, and also contributes to the halt of production in the immune system. Bierson also tries to persuade the reader that marijuana is a “gateway drug” that leads to larger drugs in the future. However, by conducting research of my own, I have come to the conclusion that Bierson’s article simply lacks truth. The strongest point of Bierson’s article was the physical harms of marijuana. He debates that the monkey’s test results clearly show evidence of brain damage. However, he forgets to mention that the monkeys were given very large amounts of doses. The sizes of these doses were e...
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