The Bad Side Effects Of The Negative Essay On Marijuana

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Marijuana essay Marijuana has been widely mis-viewed as a bad thing; society classifies marijuana as a drug, parents warn their children to stay away from marijuana because it is bad; but those are all misconceptions. But in reality, it is actually a very beneficial drug to many degrees. Marijuana actually has numerous favorable effects, such as helping people escape the cruel reality for a moment, helping patients who are almost at the end of their lives feel better, and helping the economy recover. In addition, marijuana’s side effects are all due to human abusing it, like the old saying goes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Although marijuana users have a history of not doing so well in life, marijuana should still be made available to anyone above the legal drinking age and be regulated like tobacco and alcohol; due to its assuaging effects to the economy and human’s mental health. The similarity between marijuana and alcohol is numerous, they are closely related in terms of usage and toxicity. Majority of the population nowadays would use alcohol to escape this cruel reality, escape into somewhere very pleasant and joyful, by being intoxicated. Similarly, marijuana helps people become “relaxed individual, free from the anxieties and cares of the realities of life” (Source D), again by the user being…show more content…
They both share the same pros and cons. Legalization of marijuana can also be very beneficial to the economy as government can rely on marijuana’s tax. Marijuana users, however, should use marijuana responsibly since it can possibly ruin one’s life. Otherwise, marijuana can help many people feel better, it can help relieve hard times. Therefore government should legalize marijuana for the public to use, but regulate it like tobacco and alcohol, in which age restriction is applied in children do not have the responsibility to handle marijuana

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