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  • Cannabis

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    Cannabis Why to decriminalize cannabis? more and more people are using it, so there is no point to control something that is uncontrollable it is as dangerous and sometimes with even with less consequences then alcohol and tobacco it is better to give a person a ticket for possession rather then destroying their life by sending them to jail pure cannabis is not proven to be addictive or harmful to a person, they just have more tar then cigarettes Why to have cannabis illegal? in 1999 29% of students

  • Cannabis Essay

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    Marijuana Cannabis is a tall erect, annual cannabis. In assumption with a bright, clear environment, light well-dried soil, and ample irrigation. Cannabis can grow to be 20 feet in a 4-6 month time period within the growing season. Visible rivers, meadows and other agricultural lands are perfect dwellings for cannabis since all contain good sunlight. Seeds brought in from Thailand are grown without being cut back and later becomes a large female plant, crossing with a cut from a male plant of Mexican

  • Cannabis Sativa

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    Cannabis Sativa Cannabis is marijuana or any other substance derived from the hemp plant. The plant has many different uses from Hemp products to medicinal purposes. This paper will talk about the plant as a whole and it’s usefulness. Marijuana is a Mexican slang term from the 1930’s referring to the medicine part of cannabis, which Mexican soldiers used to smoke. Nearly 70 million Americans have smoked marijuana at some time in their lives. Aside from recreational uses, the cannabis plant

  • The Cannabis Folly

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    In the United States of America, among all other possible candidates, Cannabis is said to be the most commonly abused substance. At an estimated 0.6% (or 22.5 million) of the people in America have said to consuming Cannabis on a regular daily basis. Let it be from it’s widely known and stereotypical psychoactive effects, all the way to it’s supposed and heavily biased medical properties, Cannabis seems to be the topic of the modern century. But there is one side, that not many people have delved

  • Legalazation Of Cannabis

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    These are some of the reasons that prohibition is a failure. When we realize that prohibition is a failure we can move on to more and better uses of cannabis. Abraham Lincoln once said this famous quote “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause o temperance. ...for it goes beyond the bounds of reasons In that it attempts to control a mans appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles that our government

  • Cannabis Research Paper

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    English May 1, 2014 Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Cannabis has officially been recreationally legal in Colorado and Washington since the beginning of 2014. President Obama is considering weed to be safer than alcohol. Cannabis has been looked at a very harmful drug. When its actually a very safe drug that has medical purposes and has never caused anyone in the world to die from consuming it. Cannabis might even cure certain cases of cancer. Cannabis is a drug that should be taxed and regulated

  • The Cannabis Debate

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    The Cannabis Debate The cannabis debate has never been a straightforward one. At the beginning of the 21st century, perceptions and preconceptions about cannabis and its uses have never been more blurred. Some see cannabis as a menace to society whilst others see it as a useful source of fibre, food and medicine. Doctors and scientists spend millions investigating its medicinal value yet for every positive piece of research, there is a negative. (Brownlee, 2003) Cannabis is very widely

  • The Use Of Cannabis

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    Introduction Cannabis, which is mainly referred to as marijuana, is a widely used psychotropic drug. There are a variety of species of cannabis, including, "Cannabis salvita, C. indica, and C. ruderalis" (Amar, 2006). Cannabis is made up of several different types of compounds known as cannabinoids. The main component in these compounds that is responsible for cannabis' psychoactive qualities is "∆9 - tetrahydrocannabinol", or THC (Amar, 2006). Cannabinoids function by binding to two receptors,

  • The Miracles of Cannabis

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    Miracles of Cannabis There are so many advancements being made in the medical field with cannabis. Cancer patients are finally receiving some relief from nausea, among other symptoms, with this much known and popular drug. Also, our soldiers and veterans returning from the war overseas can get relief from the posttraumatic stress depression they are burdened with on a daily basis. Some even say that if they use it with the onset of a migraine, it prevents the migraine completely. Cannabis has more

  • Cannabis Hemp

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    Hurry Up Long recognized as one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, Ganja truly can heal the earth. Unknown to many today, cannabis hemp was used worldwide in paper, fiber, lamp oil and nautical applications throughout the 19th century, constituting "possibly the largest agricultural and industrial businesses in America" (Herer 83). In the early part of the 1800s cannabis was the number one medicine in the US (83). It held that spot tightly, until it was nudged to second place by morphine in 1863