Essay on Managing Quality in Project

Essay on Managing Quality in Project

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I researched Managing Quality In Project: An Empricial Study as you see heading who wrote Ron Basu. The aim of paper is the important of quality in the “iron triangle of cost, time and quality” in projects.
Firstly, we should answer that why we need project quality? According to Ron; your project have to be good quality because you cant live in competitive world of consumer. Moreover it always the aim for the appropriate product and service quality in a market driven economy. Project managers seems to accept triangle of cost, time and quality but it is more important that on time and budget delivery as the success criteria. As a result there are many example of project which were delivered on time and within budget but failed to meet the expectations of end users. For example Wembley Stadium, one of company that built new Wembley Stadium, which tripling its cost, is suing the engineering consultants behind the project for £253 m, claiming that their services were dissatisfactory. In the old Wembley Stadium project, there were 8 major defendant related to project quality and three of theese defendant were related to the definitions of project quality.
The Wembley examples of major project failures seems to focus on the quality design the quality process and quality communication with stakeholders. The purpose of paper contribute to this knowledge gap in project management and take the status of the subject matters shine out.
In generally, the min success criteria of projects are that they must completed to time, to budget and to quality. Basu say that three dimansional modela of quality is show diagramatic form as a triangle. One of angle desing quality, another angle, process quality, another one is organisation is quality. It ...

... middle of paper ... the management of quality in projecys.
The last one is self- assessment and regular management. There are many intangible parameters of quality and enablers of project success that cannot be easily detected by key performance ındicators or audit reports. These include leadership, project strategy, suppliers, team members and stakeholders engagement to name a few. so it is important to establish a holistic self assessment check list and regular review process to common point gaps and training requirements related to intangible factors.
The APEX model(Assessing Project Excellence) could be a starting point to establish the checklist for selfassesment and the review should be carry aout the every 3 or 4 months. The outcome of the self assessment is to identify gaps mainly in intangible enablers and also
assess skills and training requirements to address these gap.

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