Starbucks Quality Management Plan

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The Quality Management Plan for Starbuck’s Enhanced Digital Experience Project will establish activities, processes, and procedures for determining quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities to ensure the quality of the project.
The purpose of this Quality Management Plan is to document the necessary information require to effectively manage project quality from project planning to delivery. It defines the project’s quality policies, procedures, criteria for and areas of application, and roles, responsibilities and authorities. (Project Quality Management Plan, n.d.)
Quality is one of the most important components of application development and an integral part of the project process to ensure that errors are not made while
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Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge breaks the practice of Quality Management into three process groups:

Product quality for the Starbucks Enhanced Digital Experience Project will focus on the product’s deliverable and the standards and criteria used from the original Starbucks mobile app to ensure the product meets established quality standards and customer satisfaction.
Process quality for the Starbucks Enhanced Digital Experience Project will focus on the processes by which the project deliverable will be designed. Establishing process quality standards will ensure that all activities conform to the organizational standard which results in the successful delivery of the product.
The project team will work with the Project Manager and Project Sponsor to define and document all organizational and project specific quality standards for both product and processes. All quality documentation will become part of the Starbucks Enhanced Digital Experience Project Plan and will be transitioned to operations upon successful completion of the
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In order to ensure quality, a continual quality process will be used throughout the project life cycle. This iterative process includes measuring process metrics, analyzing process data, and continuously improving the process.
The Project Manager and project team will perform assessments at planned intervals throughout the project to ensure all processes are being correctly implemented and executed. Key performance metrics for the development of the Starbucks Mobile Application include usability, interoperability, integrity, efficiency, and maintainability. The established project tolerances for these metrics are the organizational standards for the previous Starbucks mobile application.
The Project Manager will provide day to day quality management and conduct process audits on a weekly basis, monitor process performance metrics, and assure all process comply with project and organizational standards. If discrepancies are found, the Project Manager will meet with the Project Sponsor and review the identified
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