Project Management: Project Quality Management

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Project Quality Management
Abraham Hermosillo
National University

Project quality management is defined as ensuring that a project will satisfy the requirements that it is initially intended to have. This means that not only meeting written requirements for scope, time and cost is needed in a project management, but it also must meet the specified and implied needs from a stakeholder(s) and this is where project quality management comes into play (Schwalbe, 2015, pg. 302). Project quality management purpose is to know how quality of a project will be managed during the development of the project and this is done in part by communicating the overall quality practices by the team project members. Project quality management contains three
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As mentioned in the text book Information Technology Project Management “Planning quality management includes identifying which quality requirements and standards are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them” (Schwalbe, 2015, pg. 302). It is also noted that an example of quality can be IT services, system development, develop sensible response time for a system and confirming the system produces reliable and precise information (Schwalbe,…show more content…
In other words, the process takes responsibility for quality throughout the project’s life cycle. Quality Assurance also have outputs that are change requests, project management plan updates, project documents updates, and organizational process asset updates. Quality Assurance in conjunction with its outputs have inputs for continuous quality improvement and they are quality management plan, process improvement plan, quality metrics, quality control measurement and project documents (Schwalbe, 2016). For example, in a headphone manufacturing company, the quality control finds that batch of headphones have poor sound quality and recommends discarding headphones produced past its initial 3 weeks. The quality assurance investigates and reports that the supplier has changed components in a part of the headphone that caused the issue and demands the supplier to make a change and fix the issue (Spacey,
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