Managing Control Over Dominant And Pervasive Organizations Essay example

Managing Control Over Dominant And Pervasive Organizations Essay example

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Question one
Management often struggles to establish control over dominant and pervasive organizations to insure a coordinated approach to the delivery of goals and objectives. Organizations consist of various simultaneous events, which can be assessed and interpreted in different ways. Cluelessness characterizes some organization. Their goals and objectives lack clarity. As a consequence, they lack a framework to motivate employees, facilitate planning. evaluate, and control performance causing a loss of direction. Management and employees in a clueless organization either do not know. or fail to appreciate, and understand its vision, aims, and objectives. They are ignorant of the vision and mission of the business. Cluelessness makes organization lose their way as it restrains the measurement and improvement of performance, alignment of effort and management of accountability. Management must reframe and ensure the perception of the events, objectives, goals, vision, or situation considers the different viewpoints of the people in the organization. Employee actions and decisions depend on their frame and standpoint. By refraining, the organization can provide a balance between the different viewpoints of its people, ensuring everyone moves in the same direction. Reframing provides clarity and stability in the management process and helps develop innovative approaches and strategies that positively impact impact the organization; rather than applying a narrow view, reframing ensures managers adopt a broad and comprehensive approach in the organization. Therefore, refraining is away to prevent the clueless running of an organization.
There are four distinctive 'frames ' used to view the organization. These are the structural,...

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...and use casual labor. As a consequence, it often results in short-term success but long-term failure.
Employee exploitation breaks the fit between the organization and its employees. Both parties suffer in the long term as employees become demotivated, feel oppressed and neglected which limits their productivity. In some cases, they work against the goals and objectives of the organization. Organizations should empower their employees, not exploit them because employees greatly care about organizations that show concern for their needs. Salaries should be appropriate. Additionally, organizations should offer training and growth opportunities. Organizations should also work to meet the needs of the employees, making work meaningful and satisfying so that will ensure that employees are highly skilled and motivated, resulting in high performance and productivity.

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