Workplace Transformation and Its Importance

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Workplace transformation is necessary to help a company continue to be successful and grow in the future. The company I work for is currently going through a massive transformation and re-organization. The goal of the transformation is to become more efficient by reducing redundancies and also be able to better serve our customers through specialized centers of excellence. This will also enable us to move quicker in terms of delivering new and improved products at a faster pace than ever before. The biggest pain point in any company transformation and re-organization is the effect on the employees who are impacted the most, often in the form of layoffs, or job description changes, which require the employee to re-apply for their own job, albeit a new role and title. I try to keep an open mind about this, especially since the reason I was able to join the company in the first place was as a result of open positions due to a previous transformation that the company went through nearly four years ago. So while the loss of good employees is inevitable, there is also opportunity to see an influx of new talent throughout the company, which is exciting. The hardest part of the transformation, for me, is seeing someone you have worked with for years lose his or her job. It is very difficult watching very talented individuals being offered severance packages and having their jobs eliminated. It also makes doing your day-to-day job a bit more difficult as well. You might normally lean on someone for help to get a particular task done, but all of the sudden, they are no longer available to help, or if they are still there, you have to be cognizant of their situation and make sure you are showing the proper empathy for their current situati... ... middle of paper ... ...-organization. There is a strong focus on pushing the urgency to implement changes quickly. The changes the company is making will help us to roll out new products and services faster than ever before because of the improved efficiency. The reduced redundancies’ will not only help to cut costs, but also allow for better customer experiences because it enables new specialized centers of excellence that will allow our talent level to be much greater than it is today. Works Cited Isern, J., Meaney, M., & Wilson, S. (2009, April). Corporate transformation under pressure. Retrieved from Kahn, S. (n.d.). Business transformation: Reinvent to succeed. Retrieved from Reinvent_to_Succeed.pdf
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