Essay on Malcolm X : The Power

Essay on Malcolm X : The Power

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Most of Malcolm 's early life was spent in a small town called Lancing. As Malcolm grows up in the Malcolm X Biography, as the power is analyze in the experts along with style and structure. Malcolm reviewing his fathers views he had much influenced on them and how he thought growing up in Lancing. In Malcolm 's teenage life he moved to Boston and loved every bit of it absorbing all the culture. Getting comfy with the Boston life, did have some hardships on Mr. X such as a hustler lifestyle, along with Prison. Having little left Malcolm soon turned to religion and education. Learning Malcolm 's ways has been an eye opener an a many with his style and advanced structure.
“I actually believe that as anti-white as my father was, he was subconsciously so afflicted with the white man 's brain washing of Negroes that he inclined to favor the light ones, and I was his lightest child.” (p.4)
Malcolm going on how he was favored out of the family children. However, he was favored, this allowed more time with his father gathering and growing up with all his ideas. Mr. X convenes his hatred for whites as he watched his dad in the early years. In junior high school, Malcolm became an outstanding student and was very popular with his schoolmates. But his world was upset in the eighth grade when his English teacher advised him not to try to become a lawyer because he was "a nigger." He became despondent and his schoolwork suffered. Finally, he asked to be transferred to the custody of his half-sister Ella, who lived in Boston.
In Boston, Malcolm found himself more attracted to the street life in the ghetto than to Ella 's upper-class Roxbury society. A friend got him a job as a shoeshine boy at the Roseland Ballroom, which rapidly becam...

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...ty keeps African Americans from being themselves and dancing, which in Malcolm X’s experience is a symbol of how this denial of identity works. Growing up, Malcolm X thought there was only one correct way of dancing, which he did not know how to do, but he learns in Boston that there is another way of dancing, and he can dance in this other way. Malcolm X advances his purpose of showing how dancing is related to identity by creating associations in the readers’ minds for each kind of dancing, which adds power to the text by sharply distinguishing each form of dancing in the reader’s mind and thus helping Malcolm X to make his larger point about racial oppression in America. Malcolm X shows us many great ideology but has done a better job as a highly inflectional speaker. Learning Malcolm 's ways has been an eye opener an a many with his style and advanced structure.

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