Rhetorical Analysis of Ballot or the Bullet Sppech by Malcolm X

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As one of the most proficient civil rights activist of the 1960's, Malcolm X and his speeches were very influential but particularly one speech was highly esteemed, that being the Ballot or the Bullet speech. A speech that was given after the "I have A Dream speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Despite, Dr. Martin Luther King being a pacifist and also a civil rights activist as well; Malcolm X was more tyrannical and advocated the use of violence. During this era, the democrats were in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, therefore both the Senate and the House of Representatives were leaning towards providing more civil rights to African-Americans. The purpose of Malcolm X’s speech was to convince African Americans to become more politically aware and to vote members of their own race into office. The year 1964 is known for civil rights activists, racist groups, and political strife. In order to achieve this goal and increase the speeches effectiveness, X utilizes a variety of rhetorical strategies within his speech. When analyzing the powerful and informative speech of Malcolm X, its evident that it’s a memorable one. The tonality of the speech employs anger and seriousness. This causes the audience to also to be filled with immense anger as he opens their understanding about the disputes going on in the society. Malcolm X employs the use of repetition throughout the speech, repeating phrases such as "I am not...". This repetition helps to leave a lasting impression on the audience, in such a way that every time the phrase is used, the people will reflect upon the speech of Malcolm X. In addition, repetition is again utilize when X continuously uses the words "you", "hunkies," "polacks," and "blue eyed thing."... ... middle of paper ... ...h to civil rights (Ballot or the Bullet: Malcolm X). Assuredly, the purpose of this speech was to enlighten the minds of many Black Americans and engaged them in the fight for the civil rights. They now understand the situation at hand based on the vivid details expressed by X in his speech. As a result of X speaking up for the nation of blacks, he instilled the idea that African Americans should vote and become more politically active, by this motivation, he has established a new philosophy in the minds of the Black Americans, that being to seek equality. Works Cited American Rhetoric. “Malcolm X: Ballot or the Bullet.” Web. 25 May 2010 . http://www.americanrhetoric.com/figures/anadiplosis.htm http://www.docstoc.com/docs/48940687/Rhetorical-Analysis-of-Malcolm-Xs-Ballot-or-the-Bullet
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