The Lonely Raindrop: Depression Essay

The Lonely Raindrop: Depression Essay

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The Lonely Raindrop
Depression is an touchy and continually changing subject. Having depression can be a confusing and frustrating thing to deal with. Becoming depressed and having to seek help can be a stressful and complicated process, that can only further increase his or her’s depression, however depression is a terrible, but common mental illness, that can be treated and maintained with the help of others.
“Depression is a mood that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue” (Duckworth 1). Depression is when one feels out of character, by different kinds of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, self doubt, and guilt. Usually a person feels more depressed at a time of grievance, like the loss of a loved one, or having a bad day. In most cases simple depression only last for a day in situations of small embarrassment, however if a person is feeling more depressed they will have a huge lack of energy and loss of interest in activities.
The effects of depression are not always easy to establish in any particular person. The most common symptom of depression is feeling down. When a person feels down it usually refers to their social or physical state. When one feels down socially, they are referring to their lack of ability to socialize or relate to those surrounding. When one feels down physically it has to do with their lack of energy and motivation. Another symptom of depression is not only having complete lack of energy, but a complete loss for interest in everyday tasks or activities, at one point, made the person happy.
Their are several forms of depression, including; major depression, dysthymia, and minor depression. Major depression is one of the more severe types of depression, it will have a huge imp...

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...ion. Antidepressants make a person feel less or not at all depressed, giving them more energy and confidence. Just like any medication in the the world, they have side effects. The most common side effects with anti depressants are insomnia, sleepiness, nausea, and weight gain. Some researches say that antidepressants increase the chance of suicide. Which has not been proven, although it would not be totally impossible. If a person is willing to change and keep a can do attitude, just might stay non depressed.
Dealing with depression can be an extremely difficult and frustrating process. Having to receive help, while depressed, can be an embarrassing task for some, or even dealing with a friend or family member with depression. However depression is a terrible, but common mental illness, that can be treated and maintained with the help of others.

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