Depression: The Negative Effects Of The Depression

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1. Introduction In the modern life, depression is the seriously psychological disease. WHO (2017) defined depression as a common mental disorder with more than 300 million people who are suffering the pain caused by the disease. Depression is completely different from badly mood and anxiety because when it lasts in a long time with moderate or severe intensity, it will become the serious health problem. This mental problem negatively effects on feelings, thinkings and actions at work, school and in the family (Parek, 2017). Especially, leading suicide is another dangerous sign of this mental disease. Rahhal (2017) has asserted that the most surprisingly growth in rates of depressions among the young and old people, but increased most fast…show more content…
The first empty mood, It will not a matter if it takes place in the short time. However, when this feeling have no sign of stopping despite efforts, it can be depression. Apart from sadness, the psychological symptoms include helpless and hopeless. No matter how people try to break out of the deadlock, the negative thoughts still out of the control. Additionally, sometime they cry without obvious reason. Someone consider that experiencing the depression is the feature of weakness that lead to the feeling of inferiority complex, useless, so they try to isolate themselves, get away from other people. Moreover, if young people have difficulties of concentration, making decision or finding the enjoyment, he may undergo the depression. Especially they have no motivation and interest to do anything, they spent almost time to sit on their own. Depression also causes negative effects on physical health. The first one is mysterious pains and aches. Most of depressed people suffer physical alments like stomachaches, headaches. However, if the pains are not medical reasons, they can be the symptoms of depression. Besides, the patients have trouble in changes suddenly in weight and desire for food. Lack of energy is another symptom, in which depressed people always feel heavy or even exhausted. Moreover, they have to face to sleeping problem with insomnia or
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