Depression In College Essay

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719 words

Depression was once believed to affect mainly adults for various reasons. It was hardly ever seen in minors or college students. Today depression is more common in younger populations mainly college students. There are many things that can trigger depression in college students, such as the environment, anxiety, and the fear of failure. All these things can contribute to depression in college students and sometimes cannot be seen. Many college students will never seek help, and many wont ever admit that they struggle with it. Depression can have a great impact on someone’s life. Imagine trying to balance these symptoms while in school, work, or being a mother or father. Although while suffering from this disorder there are solutions out there

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that depression was once thought to affect adults for various reasons, but today it is more common in younger populations mainly college students. the environment, anxiety, and fear of failure can all contribute to depression.
  • Explains that depression can have a great impact on someone's life. there are medications, counseling, and meditation techniques that can help.
  • Opines that finding the right medication can make all the difference in a student's life.
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