Essay about Life Changing Moments Through Unity Of Technical And Creative Arts

Essay about Life Changing Moments Through Unity Of Technical And Creative Arts

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"To create life-changing moments through unity of technical and creative arts.”
We create life-changing moments by unifying the work of the pastor, worship leader, musicians, stage designer, lighting designer, videographer, etc. Every individual who works either in a creative means or in a technical manner wants their work to be a blessing to the congregation. It 's in those times that people give their lives to Christ, people 's hearts are broken, people 's hearts are healed, people engage in worship like never before. In the life-changing moments, but this isn 't your only purpose.
"The reason we serve is to bring new believers to the saving knowledge of Christ.”
People will come to know Christ for the first time, in a new way, like never before.
Are the values that shape us from an individual into a team in correct alignment with the church’s mission and vision? Here are defining examples of how to clarify our value as a team.
• The congregation is fully engaged in worship
• The worship team fully trusts the tech team and their efforts
• The pastor is focused on the service
• My work is a blessing to others
• My teammates are glad to see me
• The Holy Spirit is welcomed in, not by my work, but by the results of my work (God working through me)
• People come and move closer to Christ
• People come to know Christ
• A room full of people have their eyes and hearts and mind turned towards Him
• Do I have a positive reason for being on the Production Team
• Is my time in worship the only time I feel God 's love
• Because God uses me to help Him usher in the Holy Spirit, to open the door
• Because God has blessed me with these talents and when I use them, I feel the most alive
• Because God has chosen me to take on a role like ...

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...t on each person’s abilities based on their personality, talents and volunteering specialty. Use the questions below for each person and evaluate the outcomes. We will be meeting in the group discussion for 35 minutes with feedback given within the last 10 minutes.
Group Discussion: 35 Minutes
1) What gift in ministry do you enjoy? Form examples of how it impacts your life.

2) What are your natural talents or hobbies?

3) Has others recognized your calling and asked you to develop it?

Teaching Administration
Wisdom Evangelism

Below is a list of spiritual gifts, please circle confirmed gifts. It is wise to ask questions or test any of those which could lead you into more understanding where God wants to take you in your personal walk

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