Personal Essay: Life Changing Experiences In My Life

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There has been so many life changing experiences in my life it is hard to keep dealing with it. Here recently I have been losing a lot of very important people I love or they are getting hurt in some awful way. I have lost my first wonderful cousin, Chris, my brothers wife, Molly. Also Grant, my sister 's boyfriend, is hurt really bad still today. I can not stand seeing many of my loved ones hurt and I do not know how much more people I can lose. Thoughtout the sixteen, blessed years I have been living I have not lost many people until the past two years. It all started with Chris, my very first cousin. He went through some horrific things but his life was not perfect and he was only 35. I love him very much and miss him everyday that goes by. Chris was the first person I love that I have ever lost in my family. I did not know what it felt like to lose someone special until that life changing day. When he died I really changed but mostly for his three sons that does not have a mother to take care of them. I had …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they've lost a lot of important people in their life. they can't stand seeing their loved ones hurt and do not know how much more they can lose.
  • Narrates how they haven't lost many people until the past two years, starting with chris, their first cousin, who went through some horrific things, but his life was not perfect.
  • Narrates how their only brother, derrik, lost his first wife, molly, who died from a frightening, rare blood disease. she taught them many things in this world but mainly how to be the best person they can be.
  • Narrates how their sister molly is gone and their boyfriend grant has been severely hurt in a car accident. he broke both of his arms, lost one leg and broke the other, and was paralyzed from waist down from spinal injuries.
  • Opines that they are grateful to have met chris and molly, and to see grant go from where he was and now is life changing. they say they will never know when god will call them home.

She did not get to live but only 25 years, also her sister, and died from a frightening, rare blood disease. It is very hard on my brother and everyone else in our family, including hers. I have alway seen my brother so brave for everyone but derrik is not taking all of this very well. She was such a beautiful, young, and talented woman who had many things going for her in life. Molly taught me many things in this world but mainly how to be the best person I can be and told me to never change for anybody but myself. I loved pretty much having another sister around even though I have two. It all happened so fast and I did not get to spend much time with her. When I did though I promise every second she was around, everyone was laughing and smiling. That is just what she did, she made people happy and that is why I look up to her so

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