Lennon Revealed by Larry Kane

Lennon Revealed by Larry Kane

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Larry Kane, the author of Lennon Revealed, went on tour with the Beatles in thier early days and knew John Lennon until the day he died. Kane has had an Emmy Award-winning career and is the only American journalist to have traveled with the Beatles during their tour of North America in 1964 and 1965. He interviewed many of John’s closest friends and relatives to incorporate a variety of views. This biography is a bestseller because it provides first-hand accounts that really show the reader who John Lennon was. People like reading books that they can relate to. It is my opinion that anyone who reads this book will find an aspect of John Lennon that they see in themselves. John Lennon, like all human beings, started out searching for purpose in his life. He found purpose through freedom of expression and music. His story begins in Liverpool, England.
John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England. John briefly lived with his biological parents and spent most of his childhood living with his aunt and uncle. Both his aunt and uncle treated him with sincere love, but the absence of his parents would leave a huge wound on Lennon’s upbringing. John was intelligent person, but most of the time used it to create havoc on the establishment. He received his first guitar when he was sixteen. He attended the Liverpool Arts School and it was there where he was introduced to his first true friend, Stuart. John was a musician at the time and Stuart was a promising artist. John gained valuable insights from Stuart and was deeply influenced by his surrealist paintings. It was at that moment in time that John realized he could express his emotions through music.
John’s music career started when his band met and sang with Paul McCartney at a church in 1957. Paul joined shortly thereafter and so did Paul’s friend George Harrison. The band that everybody recognizes today as the Beatles, was formed in 1962 with the final addition of Richard “Ringo” Starkey. John’s first marriage was to Cynthia Powell in 1963 and shortly after the couple had a son, Julian. He later admitted to the author that he felt obligated to marry Cynthia because he got her pregnant.

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The author and many other historians credit John Lennon for all of the Beatles’ successes because of his fiery attitude and brilliant music compositions.
John and Cynthia divorced in 1968 due to John’s intimate and obvious relationship with Yoko Ono, whom John met at an art exhibit in London. Problems arose within the band right when Yoko Ono entered John’s life. John started to stray from the band and spent more time with Yoko. Members of the band declared that is was a mutual agreement, however the millions of Beatles supporters blamed the break up on Yoko Ono. John’s separation from the Beatles allowed more time for him and Yoko to record their own music. However, his years away from the Beatles would fair to be his worst. John and Yoko did not have a stable relationship and departed ways after a mutual decision. John moved with a May Pang to Los Angeles. In the early 1970s, the Nixon administration started to push for John’s deportation. They felt the message he was sending across through his music was an attack on U.S. involvement in Vietnam and racial inequality. The government also falsely accused John of being involved with a group of radicals that he had no part of. John pleaded that he never was against any cause, but always in favor of what is fair just. After a tough four year battle with the U.S. government, Lennon was awarded his citizenship in 1976. This conflict did not go unknown. Many people that were aware of his struggle with deportation saw a courageous man that fought for the right to stay in a land of freedom. John spent most of the early 1970’s living a nightmare. His “Lost Weekend” is described as a period of time where grief and confusion was mingled with alcohol and drug abuse. In 1975, John figured out that he needed Yoko back in his life and moved back to New York. That same year, Yoko gave birth to their son Sean. Until his assassination on December 8, 1980, John spent his time writing songs and tending to his family.
The tragic death of John Lennon was a dagger to the heart. Not only the lives of his closest friends, but the lives of people all around the world were broken that day. John Lennon used his popularity in a way unlike any other superstar. He used it to project peaceful messages and thoughts into the ears of everyone willing to listen. He was a menace to the establishment but a champion in the eyes people. Sometimes he was a menace to the people and still didn’t change his position on any subject. To historians and scholars he is considered a genius and one of a kind. But to him, he was just an ordinary man that dreamt big.
Larry Kane did a splendid job on telling the story of John Lennon. The objective of the book was to reveal the true identity of John Lennon and after reading it I felt the authenticity of the content was credible. Kane experienced everything from the crazy parties to intimate conversations with John. I enjoy how he displays a positive image of John and still holds a relatively neutral position when interviewing people. He gathered a substantial amount of information from people who knew John and how they perceived him. I would refer Lennon Revealed to anybody in general but especially people who are in search of their identity.
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