John Lennon Essay

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John Lennon Throughout the course of history there has been many remarkable people that have created an impact on the world. But what is hero? Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or lots of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a ripple of hope.” Meaning a true hero is someone who can stand up for an idea, or can help eliminate the unfair treatment in which the rights of a person are ignored; and everytime gives people the faith that everything is going to be okay after all. John Lennon is a good example of a hero based on Robert F. Kennedy's description of a hero. John lennon is a hero because he peacefully fought against war through his fame and music, promoting peace and inspiring many people. There were many things that had influenced the way Lennon thought, the Vietnam war had a strong impact on his point of view. The Vietnam war had not only affected Lennons point of view, but many people around that have been touched by the war as well. John lennon had the support of his former wife Yoko Ono and well as many of the people he touched. Partridge indicated that “John and Yoko fervently condemned America's aggression on vietnam”(2). As a result of their attitude and state of mind to end the war and give peace a chanc , it later on led to many protests and interviews. One of Lennons most shocking form of protest was when he returned his MBE award on November 25, 1969 in protest against Britain's involvement in the Niagara- Biafra Thing against our support of America in Vietnam (Middleton). His actions was quickly spread throughout the media, which led to more interviews and more future protests. Many people have certain viewpoints that really alter peoples views and ... ... middle of paper ... ...cember 8, 1980 John Lennon was shot. Lennon was shot at the entrance to the Dakota Building by Mark Chapman, and he died died shortly afterwards in Roosevelt Hospital, he was later on cremated at hartsdale crematorium in New York on the 10th of December(Middleton). Many people that Lennon had touched throughout his lifetime was greatly affected, “vigils everywhere , messages of sympathy pouring inand continuous broadcasts of Lennon music was such as to suggest that a major world figure had died”(Middleton) Lennon impacted many around the world , his music and messages gave people an alternative outcome to the controversy of the Vietnam war. As Middleton stated people even suggested that “a major wold figure had died”. Rooney claims that “His impact remains universal, his influence undiminished”(349). This clearly proves John Lennon had a stong impact on the world.
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