John Lennon Helped Shape 1960s America

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“He helped shape the agenda of the sixties – socially and politically, no less than musically” (“John Lennon”). John Lennon was extremely influential to the world during his lifetime, and mainly during the sixties. He fueled many movements with his strong willed beliefs in peace and happiness. The actions and music of John Lennon drastically altered how many people viewed the world around them during the sixties and throughout his entire life.

John Lennon was very outspoken and contributed greatly to his mission of peace. “He became an increasingly important symbol of the burgeoning counterculture” (DeCurtis). John went against the normal acts and beliefs of society and spoke out. He always expressed his true views and nothing else. This is because he believed in questioning authority and not conforming for anything.“[He] helped redefine the rules of acceptable behavior for rock stars” (DeCurtis). This once again shows his desire to stand out and speak out. He reformed many ideas and practices that needed reform and some that did not. But no matter what he was doing, it was always supporting the fight for peace. Even when it did not involve politics or the stand for peace, he acted differently from what was expected of him by the majority of the population. “How the chords can change the world. To me, that is John Lennon” (Ono 117). John thought that change was necessary, and he intended to do everything he could to insure that it happened. “A man who stood up!” (Ono 117). John expressed and conveyed his beliefs, no matter the consequences. His immense support of the fight for peace helped more and more people see a different side of the world.

John continued to fight for peace and change throughout the world. A famous poster ...

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