Beatlemania Is Everlasting Essay

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Beatlemania is Everlasting Here comes the sun du-du-du-du! Here comes the sun, and i say… hey, what do you think happened on February 9th, 1964? Well if you don’t know, the worlds most popular band became strangely the most popular band in the world (Glassman). They are a band from Liverpool, England together during the 60s’, are known as one of the best pop groups of all time (The Beatles). Come on, you know who I'm talking about. It’s The Beatles (The Beatles)! My question is, why? Why are they still popular today in the eyes of many Americans? Yes, that’s right. Americans (The Beatles). Well if we are going to figure this out, why don't we start at the beginning? Well, One day in the year of 1955, one young man gets this crazy idea; his idea was to create a band that played music that was similar to what American’s Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly were making (The Beatles). That young man was John Lennon (Glassman). His group was named the Quarrymen (Glassman). The original members were John on the microphone, Rob Davis on the banjo, Eric Griffiths playing guitar, Pete Shotten playing the washboard(The Beatles), and Ivan Vaughan on the bass (Glassman). One day in 1957, they got a gig at St. Peters Local Church. Paul McCartney at 16 years old, was a member of the crowd. Ivan the bass player introduced him to John after the show. A few days later paul got the invitation to join the band, but he waited 2 months on joining to seem aloof in the whole idea (Glassman). In the august of 58’ Paul tried promoting George Harrison, his young friend, to John, to play guitar in the band (The Beatles). It took awhile but, John decided to listen to him play (Glassman). Do to George’s raw talent John decided he could let him in (Glassman). ... ... middle of paper ... ...on April tenth, 1970. The official break up of the band was in court and it was a sad day for Beatles fans across the world (Glassman). The answer to my question about why they are still loved by many people such as myself has much to do with how Paul and John write they would completely argue, usually friendly like for hours until they would get an idea then they would just go with the flow. George Martin their producer says this about those two, "In the studio, their rivalry was based purely on friendship. They had a very close relationship because, in many ways, they were both incredibly similar." It also has a lot to do with them having the first song recorded using feedback, which is still used in studios today. It most of all is how amazing their music is. Now if you don’t like the Beatles you are either really old, or you have the worst taste ever (Glassman).

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