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“Imagine” by John Lennon, released in 1971, was one of the most influential, and important songs of the last 50 years. This track was viewed as his final statement on religion after many years of confusing mixed signals (WND). Lennon constantly calls upon the power of Imagery to appoint his ideas throughout the song, hence the title. Imagery is the formation of figures, ideas, and mental images through diction ( Many of the ideas Lennon creates are supported, and even inspired by real life events. In John Lennon's “Imagine”, he uses the power of Imagery and applicable real life events to portray an idealistic Utopia.
The first verse of the track immediately calls upon Imagery, asking you to “imagine there's no heaven”. Many have interpreted the fact Lennon is even writing about religion as odd. He was a renowned Agnostic, or atheist. An Agnostic is someone who doesn't believe, or highly doubts the existence of a greater power ( 1971 was the midst of Vietnam, and because of the many fatalities, left many only with their faith. This hints as to why Lennon would have written about religion. These lyrics greater express his agnosticism, and feelings toward religion. Furthermore, my opinion or interpretation of this verse is different. With this song, Lennon is attempting to create an image of a perfect Utopia. However, a Utopia is often referred to as “Heaven on Earth”. So with that said, some may believe Lennon was only asking you to imagine a world equal to Heaven, not dismiss its existence. Many ideas within this song are misinterpreted, including the next topic, Government.
The second stanza of the track is probably the most important. It begins once again by asking you to imagine. This time, Le...

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...f starvation (New York Times). This is most likely Lennon's motive for this line. In the final line of the track, Lennon sings “a brotherhood of man”. This line single handedly summarizes Lennon's entire motive for writing the song. A Utopia can be viewed as Heaven on Earth, with a brotherhood of all man. Where no one has any possessions, there is no starving people, and certainly no greed. If all of this happened, we wouldn't need religion, as there would be no sin. John Lennon's use of imagery throughout the song, supported by the events surrounding Vietnam, create an idealistic Utopia in which the listener can shortly live in until the song ends. The songs importance is unmatched by any of his others, as it birthed his assassins intellect as to why he should kill him. “Imagine” by John Lennon will forever be one of the worlds anthems in times of chaos.

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