Legal, Safety and Requlatorly Requirement in the Workplace Essay

Legal, Safety and Requlatorly Requirement in the Workplace Essay

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The process of following a case according to court rules is known as litigation. In the current American workplace there many disputes which cannot go an ignored, it is evident that compassion and common sense in the workplace has been replaced. Employees, business managers and any other person in the workplace should importantly abide by all laws and regulations to protect the organization. It is unlawful as well as immoral to deny a person opportunity basing on his race, sexual orientation and colour. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has to act within their mandate. The Human Resource Department should facilitate this by setting up a structured net in which these laws will be enforced in the workplace to ensure the safety, secure working environment.

Legal and safety requirements in the health care field are important to the human resource department. It is the duty of human resource department to make sure that these laws are followed .Also in the same regard health care managers should understand these laws and implement them. The human resources department must also understand and comply with laws and regulations to decrease the probability of the organizations potential liability.

County laws .The department of labour in USA is in charge of making and implementing and regulating laws affecting both employer and employee. These laws provide a guidance and manner, in which employees should be paid standard wages, safety and their health, workers compensation benefits and working conditions. They hold key provisions that cover both employer and employee and penalties for not complying with them. Central government enacted laws that govern how employer and employee should relate to each other. The human res...

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...ed and believed that the employer would treat him right and had best interest for him. Employee didn’t feel any threats of losing his job due to illness, race, age or sex, but now. Many organizations have hostile environments where employers feel they can do what they want and when they want.
In conclusion nowadays we see managers who take their power to another level causing employees to file complaints. Many discrimination lawsuits are being filed due to the negligence of employers. People are not treated fairly and that’s the reason laws have to be put in place to protect the working class. Just because a manager is put in a position to manage, that doesn’t mean the manager knows the job and how to treat people fairly. We are all humans working to make a living but when someone feels like they’re being mistreated they have no other choice but to defend themselves

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