Functional Discrimination Case Study

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Introduction 100
Discrimination is known to exist in all workplaces, sometimes it is too subtle to notice, and other times it is exceedingly obvious. It is known that everyone subconsciously discriminates, dependant on their own beliefs and environments that surround them. However, discrimination can be either positive or negative in their results, and sometimes discrimination is a necessary part of life.

Define the notions of functional and dysfunctional discrimination as they apply to the workplace context. 100 words
Discrimination can be defined as the unequal treatment of equal groups in workplace situations such as engagement, compensation, and promotion. There are two key notions of discrimination in relation to a workplace context;
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Additionally, discrimination may cause reciprocated effects on other areas of society that could lead to issues such as poverty, leading to the greatest good for the greatest number being unsatisfied. Whilst functional discrimination uses discrimination in terms of the majority, whereby it assist the majority of people by providing jobs, emphasizing job performance rather than group characteristics. This ultimately provides the greatest good for the greatest number of…show more content…
100 words There are a range of strategies managers could use to minimise instances of dysfunctional discrimination occurring in their workplace. These selected strategies aim to reduce the frequency of dysfunctional discrimination, rather than the severity. Some of these strategies include; a discrimination audit, enforced policies, selection procedures, and providing an effect complaint handling system.
Firstly, a discrimination audit would allow for instances of dysfunctional discrimination to be identified and removed swiftly. Secondly, enforcing policies regularly would keep dysfunctional discrimination at the forefront of people’s minds. Thirdly, providing an effective complaint handling system would affect the workplace similarly to a discrimination audit, however, employees would not need to rely upon a regular or random audit to occur, they would be able to report as they
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