Essay on Learning Journal Item 13 : We See Sin

Essay on Learning Journal Item 13 : We See Sin

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Learning Journal Item 13
We see sin in relation to grace
Adam - The first sin is answered immediately with the hope of salvation through the promise of redemption (CCC 55).
Noah -Though the unity of humanity was shattered by sin, the Father strives to restore the unity of humanity piece by piece(56). Throughout history the gentiles are offered models of sanctity from amongst their ranks, by means of fidelity to the Noahic Covenant (58).
Abraham - The prodigal children of Adam will be gathered through Abraham, the Father of Nations (59), from whose seed the flower of the Church will blossom (60).
Moses -God free’s His people from slavery to bring into covenant with him (62), as the first born of the nation 's (63). This manifest especially in the prophets who call Israel to repentance and foretell the fullness of grace that is to come (64).
The spiritual and material worlds interpenetrate each other
Adam - The most striking thing about the limitations of the fallen that are expressed in CCC 54-55 is the fact that they are seemingly not even mentioned. 54 addresses pre fallen man, and 55 addresses post fallen man. Yet the agent and act of the fall remains unaddressed, thus, by not stating it, the Catechism fittingly addresses the falls status as a privation, while at the same time addressing the goodness of God as the fullness which answers the privation. Thus the devil and his angels are as nothing in comparison to the one Word of God.
Noah - The profound divisive effect of sin on humanity introduced by the first sin has lead to a distorted unity of idolatry, perversion, and immorality. The purpose of disunity amidst the unity of perverse ambition is to place a limit on pride (57). From this pride comes a humility that allow...

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...n this name the universal call of all men, and the motive for every action should be found - that of loving God (2668). The Holy Spirit is the love of God whom we must call upon (2670), the artisan and teacher of prayer (2670), who engraves prayer to Christ on our hearts (2665). He teaches us to prayer through the sacred humanity of Christ, given to Him by His mother, by the power of the Spirit (2664). Given that the humanity of Christ is the school of prayer, Mary in turn is the model and sign of the Way of prayer (2674). Prayers honoring her are common in all places, at all times, throughout all the Church, as the one family of God the Father, with Mary as our Mother (2673-79). She teaches us to magnify the Lord for the great things He has done (2675), through Jesus Christ the Lord, through whom we become Sons of Father, by communion with the Holy Spirit (2672).

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