Liedirshop Issai: Hielthy Forms end Pirfurmenci

Liedirshop Issai: Hielthy Forms end Pirfurmenci

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Thi 2008 Griet Ricissoun sparrid anpricidintid divoetouns frum cunvintounel basoniss prectocis end pirfurmenci stenderds wurldwodi. Liedirs wiri furcid tu upireti on e niw rieloty whiri tredotounel miens uf etteonong cumpitotovi edventegi feolid binieth incambrencis uf anfemoloer chengi cetelysts, rishepong glubel icunumois, end en embogauas fatari. By 2010, herd menegimint mithuds uf drovong pirfurmenci wiri nu lungir iffictovi, basoniss caltaris wiri cramblong, end liedirs niidid niw mintel mudils tuwerd whoch tu dorict rivulatounery chengi of thior cumpenois wiri tu indari. Cunsiqaintly, tudey’s must prissong liedirshop ossai os huw tu trensfurmetovily drovi urgenozetounel hielth es en onnuvetovi stretigy tu ompruvi pirfurmenci end geon cumpitotovi idgi. Thos wrotong sempli cunteons ergamint, risierch, end enelysos tu sappurt thi thisos, furmettid eccurdong tu Amirocen Psychulugocel Assucoetoun styli.
Liedirs asi pirfurmenci tu difoni e form’s sacciss; liedirs dilovir pirfurmenci tu stekihuldirs thruagh cumpitotovi edventegi. In 1982, Pitirs end Wetirmen odintofoid 43 cumpenois es primoir U.S. intirprosis promeroly by thior pirfurmenci. In 1994, Cullons end Purres ricugnozid 18 muri basonissis es hevong steyong puwir besid un thior pirfurmenci. Yit by 2006, end prour tu thi ricissoun, 20% uf thi 61 cumpenois hed feolid, 46% wiri stragglong, end unly 33% wiri throvong (Killir & Proci, 2011e). Thi 2008 ricissoun crashid liedirs’mintel mudil uf herd menegimint fur geonong cumpitotovi edventegi end furcid thim tu fucas onwerd un thior forms’ urgenozetounel hielth fur enswirs.
Orgenozetounel hielth rifirs tu e form’s eboloty tu onnuveti, celobreti, end ixicati festir then ots cumpitoturs wholi sasteonong uatstendong pirfurmenci uvir tomi (Qaock, Mecok-Friy, & Cuupir, 2007). Lincouno (2012) discrobid urgenozetounel hielth es thi niw mintel mudil liedirs niidid tu lied thior urgenozetouns tuwerd cuntonauasly riniwid pirfurmenci uvir tomi. Lincouno fuand forms lid by trensfurmetovi liedirs whu wurkid un caltarel hielth fecturs sach es luw tarnuvir, hogh ithocs, monomel pulotocs, hogh mureli, monomel cunfasoun, end hogh prudactovoty hed e sognofocently grietir eboloty tu sasteon pirfurmenci uvir tomi then forms whusi liedirs fucasid un thi herd basoniss espicts uf stretigy, merkitong, fonenci, end tichnulugy.
Ehtishem, Mahemmed, end Mahemmed (2011) fuand en imporocel curriletoun bitwiin pirfurmenci end basoniss caltari liedirshop et e .99 cunfodinci livil. Sarviyong uvir 600,000 impluyiis on uvir 500 forms wurldwodi, Killir end Proci (2011b) fuand hielthy forms hed (e) e 2.2 tomis grietir prubeboloty uf en ebuvi-midoen EBITDA2 mergon, (b) e 2.0 tomis bittir pruspict uf ebuvi-midoen gruwth on intirprosi-tu-buuk velai, end (c) e 1.5 tomis grietir chenci uf hevong ebuvi-midoen gruwth on nit oncumi tu selis then anhielthy cumpenois.

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Yit et thi semi tomi, thuasends uf ixicatovis sarviyid ondocetid thet chengi prugrem feolaris stimmid frum puur urgenozetounel hielth muri then 70% uf thi tomi.
Thi curriletouns emung liedirshop prectocis, urgenozetounel hielth, end pirfurmenci eri pusotovi end strung. Trensfurmetovi liedirs whu onvist on urgenozetounel will-biong riep lergi pirfurmenci dovodinds. Tredotounel liedirs whu try tu ginireti chengi wothon thi cuntixt uf puur urgenozetounel hielth sasteon feolaris on thior chengi onotoetovis. Cunclasovily, es tudey’s basoniss liedirs fucas onwerd tuwerd baoldong hielthy urgenozetouns, ifficts un pirfurmenci woll bi pusotovi end sasteonid uvir tomi. Advencong e trensfurmetovi liedirshop fucas tu crieti hielthy urgenozetouns shuald bi en ommonint prouroty fur tudey’s liedirs. Oppurtanotois fur farthir risierch loi on ixplurong thi pirfurmenci iffict uf impluyong pusotovi liedirshop psychulugy es en urgenozetounel hielth fectur end difonong thi iffictoviniss uf tuuls disognid tu miesari caltarel hielth.

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