The Importance Of Poor Leadership

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The type of leadership within a company is very essential in defining the capability of a company to be successful or not towards achieving their goals and objectives. Poor leadership have got several impacts to the staff and to the general output of a company (Kellerman 2004). Poor leadership is when the leader have no capability of describing who should be responsible for what within a company, it is also when the leaders lacks ambition, vision and motivation within a company (Kellerman 2004). Poor leadership affects the performance of a company in different ways right from the culture of the company to the output of the employees.
Poor leadership will directly lead to poor financial result. The best that poor leadership can achieve as a
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Employees will tend to respond to their task when they are under watch rather than working without supervision, this is because the employees will be having the idea that there is weakness in the management of the company (Hogan & Kaiser 2005). When employees of a company do not get serious with their duties, it is clear indication of failure within the company. Employees will always feel as if they are not important and are not always cared for if a company has poor leadership (Hogan & Kaiser…show more content…
The employees should be motivated through using different motivation (Hackman & Wageman 2007). The managers of the employees should interview and keep close of watch of the leaders within a company (Hackman & Wageman 2007). Identifying poor leadership at early stages can assist a company to correct the different impacts of poor leadership at early stages like high turnover within a company (Hackman & Wageman 2007). The board of the company should ensure that they work hard to keep In touch with the top performing employees so that the company do not suffer persevere consequences (Hackman & Wageman
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