The Law Enforcement And Criminal Justice Career Field Essay

The Law Enforcement And Criminal Justice Career Field Essay

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The law enforcement and criminal justice career field is full of work opportunities for many different personality types. The job that is best for people with intense, determined personalities would have to be an FBI agent. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a law enforcement agency that conducts investigations into federal law violations and is primarily responsible for law enforcement. “The FBI maintains a number of investigative programs, including the following: Counterintelligence, counterterrorism, public corruption, organized crime, white-collar crime, violent crime, background investigations, violent gangs, fugitives, art crime, civil rights, cybercrime, indian country, and environmental crime. The agents are responsible for many things, such as conducting undercover operations and investigating suspected drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorist organizations, extortion, and various types of fraud” (FBI Agent, 2014). These agents live an exciting life; they are given domestic and foreign assignments and are able to work anywhere around the world.
To become an FBI agent, one must have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, finance, accounting, foreign languages, engineering, or science. At least three years of work experience is required, such as in the legal, military, or law enforcement fields. All special agents begin their career at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia for twenty weeks of intensive training. Trainees live on campus and spend hours studying a variety of investigative and academic subjects, from the fundamentals of law to intelligence techniques. “To prepare for their chosen career path, students learn the details of counterterrorism, counterintelligence, weapons of mass destruction,...

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...h, I really wasn’t very informed on what exactly an FBI does, so everything I learned was new to me. The things that stuck out the most to me was that they only go to the FBI Academy for twenty weeks, or that they deal with things like art or civil rights crimes. I don’t think this is a good career for me because I would find it challenging when it comes to the dealing with people who commit very serious crimes. However, I do think this is a very interesting field and I like how there’s a large number of different programs you can be specialized in. If I got to meet with an actual FBI agent, I would ask them what advice they would give to prospective agents.
Being in any law enforcement and criminal justice career would be challenging; however, I think everyone would agree that being an FBI agent would be the toughest, busiest, and most demanding of them all.

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