The 30s

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Have you ever considered what would have become of this country if J. Edgar Hoover never became FBI director during the 30s? All those American flags you see could have been the flag of the Soviet Union, or the mob and other criminal organizations would have threatened the public to this day if President Coolidge had never appointed Hoover as FBI director. Hoover also helped in the fight against Hitler and the Nazis during WWII. He used spies, double-agents, and techniques such as wire tapping to keep tabs on America's enemies or possible enemies. J. Edgar Hoover played an integral role in riding many of America's enemies such as: criminal organizations, the Nazis, and the country's greatest enemy in the 1900s : the USSR In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge appointed J. Edgar Hoover as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Eileen Ahlin). The Bureau was in a fatal state with lax standards, corrupt agents, and agents who obtained the jobs through political connections rather than intelligence or skill. Most agents rarely carried guns or even made arrests; they played explicitly no role in enforcing the law. The FBI did not engage in most federal cases, which made it easier for criminals to get away with their crimes. Hoover had the drive to change the Bureau to a more efficient, modern organization. The 30s is the bulk of his work when he created a police labs and training facilities across the country, as well as developing a system for documenting finger prints. He laid out clear cut and precise standards, polices, and regulations to enforce – even if it meant bitterly criticizing his most trusted officers. Hoover hired new agents unlike the average cop and shady investigator the bureau had previously hired. Instead, the... ... middle of paper ... ...hom would have convicted Hoover of the crime. He could not prove that the Soviets planned to over throw the American government. It was not until Melvin Purvis managed to convict 205 members of the Soviet spy ring. Hoover still had a lot to do before he was able to rid America of Stalin's spies (Marc Aronson 84). Playing an integral role in protecting America from the Nazis, the USSR, and various criminal organizations, as well as rebuilding and perfecting the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover was a proven to be a true patriot. It is because of his key roles he later became the President of the United States. He served as FBI director under presidents Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon. After his death, President Nixon signed public law 92-520 naming the FBI head quaters the J. Edgar Hoover building. He has been an impeccable president and served his country well (Eileen Ahlin).

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