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842 words

Protection is something we all want and or need. Whether it be a roof over your head, or even a bodyguard we all need some protection of some sort. One association that deals with more than one person and or problem, they deal with the safety of the whole United States, This is the CIA (or central intelligence agency or association). The job I want to do their is to be an agent, a agent at the CIA collects data from around the world to help protect the united states from an attack. And John Jay College of Criminal Justice and their Criminal Justice (Crime Control and Prevention) (BA) program are the best way I get this knowledge to be a CIA agent, and the reason I want to do this is because I will be helping and protecting millions of …show more content…

For example the working hours of a CIA agent are very long. This would mean I would not have much time for my family or for relaxation. Another reason Is that it has a possible death risk. By this I mean is that as a CIA agent I will be dealing with a lot of dangerous people and this could end up in injury or even death. And my final reason is that JJCJ is somewhat far away. It is in Manhattan New York, Now this might not sound so far but I would have to leave my home and state to attend that college. These are some reasons why it would be difficult to be a CIA agent. My ultimate goal of becoming a CIA agent is to help people, protect people, and overall help the united states. The reason I chose the John jay college of Criminal Justice is because it is a very highly rated school with a beautiful campus. And even though you do a lot of good things as an agent there are a lot of difficulties such as working hours, or even death. If I become a CIA agent when I get older I will benefit society very much, because I am protecting people, keeping them safe from harm, or anything else, This is why I want to be a CIA

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they want to be an agent at the cia because they collect data from around the world to help protect the united states from an attack.
  • Explains that helping people has always been a goal to them. they want to be in the cia because they get to help family from around the u.s.
  • Explains that john jay college of criminal justice is one of the highest rated schools for criminal justice.
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