The Labor Of The North And South Essay

The Labor Of The North And South Essay

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The early nineteenth century set the time period for the adaptation of republican ideology and the growth of waged labor. The major labor workforce was slave-based in the southern plantations. As the slave labor gradually diminished in the north, wage labor took a deep root into the northern labor system. This significant difference between the workforce for the north and the south created two different societies with their respective labor systems. The republican ideology was shared among the people in the north and south. It was the provision of political and economic rights based on property-owning independence. In 1800, both the north and the south were rural and the majority of the people were involved in agriculture. The American Revolution led to drastic increases in trade of products which contributed to the development of the economy. The increase in commerce led to increase in demand resulting into the transformation of production of products from household to large workshops and factories. Initially, journeymen and apprentices provided the waged labor for the manufacture of products. Increase in wage labor challenged the idea of republic of workers. With the desire to maintain traditional work, there were protests, strikes, and formations of unions by the workers. The Artisan Republic would have let workers eventually attain their own property and gain more political and economic rights. Workers at the factories revolted for better working conditions, rights, and more wages. They faced many hardships and failures but, through combined effort they were successful bringing some transformation in the political and labor system in their favor.
Before the industrial revolution, labor was distributed among men and women wit...

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...workers managed to take failures and challenges as a motivation to resist the changes and demand for equal rights together.
In conclusion, the resistance towards the labor form changes due to the industrial revolution by the workers was successful in bringing some change in the political system. The workers faced a lot of struggles and failures in order to gain equal rights as their employers but, with a unified approach they were able to attain more economic and political independence. Creation of unions became the backbone of resistance towards the changes in workforce. Unions provided the workers a reliable means to demand for their rights and achieve them together with fellow workers. It is evident that the protests by the workers in order to achieve more economic independence and thus, gain equal rights as their employers was effective after a lot of hardships.

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