Social Differences Between The North And The South During The Civil War

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Prior to the Civil War there were economic and social differences between the North and the South. The South became dependent on cotton and slavery. Instead, the North was becoming industrial rather than agricultural. The main difference the between the both sides was one was based on plantation systems and the other city life. The change in the economy caused people of the North to work together. While the South’s society remained the same old social class system. The North wanted to end slavery and preserve the Union while the South tried to end the Union and preserve slavery. Abolitionists created an impact with outcries in the North by the 1850s and persuaded more people towards their side. Many abolitionists supported the war for the fact of being set free. The size and population of the North increased because of the industrialization that created factory work. Manufacturing in the North created an increase in coal mining and production of war supplies. The Union blocked off industrialization in the South to see if they would surrender from being deprived from goods. …show more content…

Then the beginning of the Civil War was on April 12, 1861 was The Battle of Fort Sumter. Northerners intruded South Carolina and the fort which wasn’t apart of the Union anymore. Confederates first started firing at the Union for holding down the fort. Then the next day on April 13, 1861, the Union surrendered and left and that was the first of many battles of the Civil War. The North has advantage in the War because of their ability to produce soldiers and supplies. The South hoped the North would give up quickly and that they would end up winning, but Lincoln was determined. As the war went on the North was getting better and the South was getting

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