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  • Oliver North

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    people as illegal operatives, the scapegoat of it all was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North. Only months before he was being heraled in the New York Times as "President Reagan's Man of Action", and now North was being handed the blame of all guilty of illegally negotiating deals with Iran and Nicaragua. As the Iran-Contra Scandal was led into the national spotlight, so was Oliver North. But while in that spotlight, North pleaded the Fifth Amendment, the right to not incriminate yourself. With doing so

  • North Korea

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    dangerous matters of North Korea. Some of the problems that were brought up in this article were North Korea’s plan to restart a plutonium based nuclear program at Yongbyon, North Korea’s plan to build a new highly enriched uranium (HEU) nuclear program, and the tension that emerged between the United States and South Korea. Even though many problems were occurring, there were some positive things that were happening at the time. The United States began negotiating with North Korea and South Korea

  • Fishing in the North Atlantic

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    Fishing in the North Atlantic Abstract Ocean fishes have been consumed by humans beyond their maximum sustainable yields for years and the Atlantic cod and squid are two examples. Cods were primarily overfished to commercial extinction. Other variables were also examined to see if they contribute to the declining population. Water temperature was the natural phenomenon that may be responsible for poor egg hatching. Human causes such as increased UV radiation from depleted ozone and bottom


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    April 24, 2003, North Korean officials admitted for the first time that they possessed nuclear weapons. North Korean officials claim to have reprocessed and reproduced spent fuel rods and have threatened to begin exporting nuclear materials, unless the United States agrees to one-on-one talks with North Korea. Tension between the United States and North Korea have been running pretty stiff and high since early October of 2002. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly informed North Korean officials

  • North and South

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    North and South The first two reading selections for Economics 344 make some notable observations about the growth and development of budding economies. In Engerman and Sokoloff’s chapter entitled “Factor Endowments, Institutions, and Differential Paths of Growth Among New World Economies,” the authors compare the economic growth levels of the North American colonies to those of Latin American colonies. Then, in “Tracking the Economic Divergence of the North and the South,” Peter Coclanis notes

  • North Ireland Conflict

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    Political Unrest in Ireland There has been a continuing conflict in Ireland that has been going on for decades, and affects the world to this day. It is essentially a political and religious struggle between several groups. The British have played a key role in the situation since the early 1900’s, and even more distant into the past. Origins of the Conflict The conflict in Ireland has its roots as far back as the 1500’s. Ireland has historically been recognized as a Catholic country. However, when

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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    North Atlantic Treaty Organization World War II had created stained relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. This created a state of undeclared war, that would last for nearly 50 years. Although the threat of nuclear devastation hovered over the people of the United States, a new program was created to provide a "Partnership for Peace" between countries with like views to ban together against the Soviet Union. Complications in the more or less alliance of the United States, Britain

  • Slavery in the North and South of the US

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    Su meny piupli wentid slevis, ispicoelly on thi Suath. Thiy hed muri ferms then thiy cuald hendli un thior uwn. Nurthirn uwnirs wentid thim biceasi thiy wuald hevi tu du liss wurk. Viry fiw uwnirs trietid thior slevis nocily end peod thim tu du wurk eruand thi huasi. Thiy wuald nut bi trietid loki femoly bat wuald git trietid e whuli lut bittir then yuar “typocel slevi.” Thusi konds uf corcamstencis uccarrid muri on thi Nurthirn stetis then thi Suathirn stetis. Must slevis lust cuntect woth thior

  • North and South and Hard Times

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    North and South and Hard Times In  "Industrial" H Sussman states that "one of the most significant shifts created  by industrialism" was that of the "separation of the workplace from the home".  This "shift" created "new gender roles" with the "husband as breadwinner [and  the] wife as childcare giver" and led ultimately to the "19th century  ideology of the two separate spheres -  the masculine public sphere of work [and]  the private female sphere of domesticity". Is, however, this

  • North Korea

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    In the early years of WWII and the split of North and South Korea, the Soviet Union handed off North Korea to Kim IL Sung. In 1950 Kim IL Sung fought his way through South Korea trying to unify the North and South under his control. Throughout North Koreas history, the main objective of the country and its leaders have been to hold all the power in the hand of one man and to inflict fear and lies in the people in order to do so. Since Kim IL Sung, North Korea has become one of the most dangerous