Essay on Kuwait Water Management

Essay on Kuwait Water Management

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1. Introductions:
Kuwait with a total area of 17,820 square kilometers (km2) lies by Persian Gulf. in the north and north-west It is bordered by Iraq, by Saudi Arabia in the south and southwest by and by the Persian Gulf in the east. The land is usually flat with slightly undulating desert plains sloping gently towards the north-east; Kuwait is reaching an altitude of about 300 meters (m) above sea level. Most of the zone in Kuwait is desert with a few oases (Water profile of Kuwait, 2007). The picture below showed the location of AL Kuwait.

Figure 1: Map of Al Kuwait. (Source: FAO-Forestry)

2. Climate and Water Resources :
2.1 Climate:
Kuwait characterized by a desert climate which is dry, long and hot summer. The temperature in this region is reaching more than 45°C with frequent sandstorms in summer. However in winter, the temperatures are decreasing to reach 4°C. The rainy season is started from October to May. The annual rainfall is less than 100 (mm) in Area with100 km2, but in remaining part it differs between 100 and 300 mm. The average of long term annual rainfall for Kuwait was about 176 mm. The rainfall recently decreased to 106 and 134 mm/year (Water profile of Kuwait, 2007).
2.2 Water Resources :
Based on historical development People in Kuwait used to drink water from different sources each one was different based on period of time they live in. For example the way of drinking was different in period before oil discovery and period after oil discovery. A book was published by Kuwaiti studies and researches central showed that there were two important historical periods in Kuwait control the way of drinking and lighting (2005). This shows that the development that happened in Kuwait changed the wa...

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...s resulted mainly from problems in destinations machines or pipe line that would effects water quality and quantities. For example: lack of timely response to match water demand increase with installed desalination capacity. One reason for failure to match the consumed water increase by a comparable desalination capability increase is the lack of steam turbines to combine with units.
Supplying water in not good quality is also another types of problem can be related to poor supply system. Having good quality pipe line insure that water reach to customer are meeting the stander (see the appendix). Water arrived to customer should be free from microorganisms and other toxic material that generated due inefficient pipe line. Pipeline that takes and distributes the water should build from good and suitable material and not easily eroded.
11. Future expansion plans:

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