Negative Essay: The Benefits Of Bottled Water

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My research question: Is the convenience of bottled water worth all the sacrifices in terms of money, resources, health and damage to the ecosystem?
I chose to do my research about an ongoing issue with drinkable water. To narrow it down, I decided to concentrate on bottled water. This topic interests me personally, and I believe might be interesting for my classmates, as the issue affects everyone. Maybe if we realized the problems it causes, we would try drinking from a glass at home or carrying water in a refillable steel container instead of plastic. I hope that my research will change the perspective of the reader about such a convenient thing – bottled water.
I try to read as many scholarly and reliable sources on the topic as possible, taking in to consideration opposing viewpoints. By critically analyzing each source, I
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One of the authors, Nancy Sprague earned a graduate degree (MS) in Health Policy. She also has worked in private medical practice, home health, consulting, and most currently as Director of Ambulatory Operations for a large Academic Medical Center. The authors argue that the increase of sales of bottled water is a great sign that will promote a healthy lifestyle and help to reduce obesity. The authors compare bottled water and soda drinks. Their main argument is that many people in the US are overweight or obese, and by switching to drinking bottled water instead of soda drinks will help to reduce the problem of obesity. This article represents an opposing point of view, saying that the increase in production and sale of bottled water is a good thing. At the same time, there was only a comparison between two unhealthy options, where bottled water really is a better option than bottled sugary soda drinks. I might use the information from this publication as a part of an opposing point of view, and also for background information in my
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