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CHAPTER 3.0.0 REQUIREMENTS 3.1.0 FEATURES 3.1.1 Health and hygiene One of the concern for quality water is how safe they are to be used by all human in the world. This also implies to the communities of Sandikhola. If the water is not clean, people are in great risks of getting diseases. This happens now as test showed that there are high level of chloroforms in the water source. Thus, by having clean supply of water the risk of getting diseases decrease substantially. Therefore, health is related closely to water as in the sayings ‘water is the mother of life’. 3.1.2 Affordability The budget for the project has to be economically viable-that is worth to invest in. Therefore, the design would be simple and easy to follow up. Besides, all local resources available such as manpower when put into good use can further cutting down the costs. Therefore, in order for the villagers to enjoy the benefits of having clean water, the main goal is to have affordable costs according to their income so that they can bear with it if no sponsors are not available for funding. 3.1.3 Environmental Friendliness The outcome of this project is to ensure all residents have clean water. Therefore the practice of ensuring environmentally friendly is crucial here. When the project is being carried out, the impacts to the lifestyle of locals in Sandikhola should be keep to as minimum as possible. It is important that it will not add any extra pollutions to the environment especially the water sources. 3.1.4 Safe Storage By having access to clean water, it’s also necessary for the need of a good way to store them especially during the dry seasons where supply is not consistent. Therefore by proper way of storing clean water, they do not need to worry to... ... middle of paper ... ...o that it can be kept to its own nature as before. 3.3.3 Sustainability The new solution should be able to last long in order to provide long-term water purification method for the residents in Sandikhola. Therefore only regular maintenance need to be carried out. Thus, it is not necessary to replace the whole system which can cause more hassles and extra costs. 3.3.4 Risk Factor The implementation of new water purification system carries some risks along with it. Because of the nature of the device and the location in which it will be implemented, the risk factor for the success of this project in Sandikhola is of major concern and should be considered an important criteria for development. These risks must be considered fully before and during the development of the new purification system in order to contribute to its success to provide clean water in Sandikhola.

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