Juvenile Criminals Being Treated As Adults Essay

Juvenile Criminals Being Treated As Adults Essay

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Juvenile delinquents being treated as adults.
In America today lots of underage individuals are committing heinous crimes, which lead to them being tried as adults and getting longer sentencing. I disagree with this in the sense that a juvenile is regarded as a young person below the age at which criminal prosecution is possible. Therefore why should we be able to legally send these young people into adult situations, according to Huma Khan “Most people argue that any juvenile offender with a past criminal history, or one that is arrested for a violent crime like rape or murder should be tried in Adult court”. My argument is how can a juvenile possibly be tried as an adult when they are unable to think like one. My research has shown me that the rate at which juvenile delinquents turn their lives around when compared to adults is remarkable. While the use of juvenile detention centers with psychological guidance and some punishment is effective for teenagers convicted of crimes. Sentencing a youth to prison just seems morally unjust, especially when with some help they have a high chance of turning their life around. I do however believe that in the cases of youths who commit extremely heinous crimes should be sentenced more severely, but should get psychological evaluation as they age. All I am trying to say is sentence juveniles as juveniles because that’s what they are below are some points to prove why I believe this.
I believe the united states of America in general should adopt California’s juvenile justice system which according to the legislative Analyst service “Both California states adult and juvenile justice systems have as one of their goals public protection. California 's adult syste...

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...In addition, implicit bias research has uncovered a widespread tendency among whites including criminal justice practitioners to associate blacks and Latinos with criminal activity.”
According to Dr Robert E Morris “The emphasis recently moved from punitive treatment of offenders to more rehabilitative models”. However, this is still occurring across the country. For example a nationally-coordinated program that is adequately funded to compare working programs in various juvenile correctional settings could allow the US to slowly improve delinquency programs. After comparing 2 or 3 programs, the program with the best outcome should be modified further and compared to the original program to determine if the newer program is more effective. After a number of these comparisons, A significant improvement in juvenile delinquency rehabilitation should emerge.

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