Job Description, Job Analysis, And Job Design Using Pep Boys ' Assistant Service Manager Job Vacancy

Job Description, Job Analysis, And Job Design Using Pep Boys ' Assistant Service Manager Job Vacancy

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Job descriptions provide a candidate with the right information about a vacancy an organization desires to fill. By providing the right job analysis and design in a vacancy, an organization can attract the right pool of qualified individuals on which to choose from. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of job description, job analysis, and job design using Pep Boys’ assistant service manager job vacancy.
Successful organizations usually have written job descriptions for their vacancies. The drafting process starts before the hiring process and seeks to identify the right candidates’ attributes required for the job. Therefore, companies should write job descriptions effectively and carefully to minimize any chances of litigation and to attract the right candidates. The job description should contain all the elements to create a strong basis for the hiring process and create the vacancy parameters. A job vacancy provides the applicant with the job description, job analysis, and job design with the requirements giving an applicant with a clear view of the qualifications, skills, responsibilities, and the culture of the company.
Job Vacancy
Pep Boys is an American automotive aftermarket chain operating nationally and was founded in 1921 in Chicago, Illinois. The company deals in automotive and fleet maintenance and repairs, auto and commercial parts delivery as well as providing name-brand tires. The company advertised for the position of assistant service manager for one of its Chicago outlets. The job description was a person who would support the company’s day-to-day service operations and who could implement the standards and performances of the organization thereby deliver excellent results. Moreover, th...

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...e advert makes good use of the most crucial keywords and information thereby targeting the core motivation of the applicants. The vacancy provides candidates with a clear reason to work for the company. Consequently, the vacancy does not use ambiguous acronyms and abbreviations, which might mislead some applicants. However, the company does not specify the remuneration and benefits entitled to the successful candidate.
Companies should thus seek to know their target audience for a job vacancy, use the right language, and most importantly be as specific as possible. This would work towards attracting the right candidates by writing the job description in an effective manner. Moreover, to hire the right candidate, an organization should ensure that they use the right industry-specific keywords and information to create appeal and motivate the job applicants.

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