Essay on It Was Dark And Cold

Essay on It Was Dark And Cold

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It was dark and cold. It was hard for me to catch my breath from running so long. It felt like I had ran forever. I was hoping he wouldn’t catch up to me. It all started one morning on a Friday. Jesse and I were playing football in the backyard of my house. Jesse was my best friend since 2nd grade and has been. We usually did everything together. She was basically my long lost sister. I thought about how we were already going to graduate and we wouldn’t have to wake up every morning to the alarm clock. It was sad because I wouldn’t be able to see all my other friend’s anymore. Matthew was going to UCLA and Jesse was going to UF. I was so upset that day because we only had 1 more day ‘till our graduation which was on a Saturday. I grabbed the ball that Jesse threw to me, and threw it back to her. I sighed. “Jesse aren’t you sad that school ended?” I asked her. “Well, to be honest I am happy because we are finally out of school, no homework anymore, plus we won’t have Mrs. Callen telling us to run another lap anymore.” Jess replied and threw the football back at me. Jesse stopped and pulled her phone out. “Sorry Em, but I gotta go. Danny didn’t come home from school. I’ll talk to you later, K?” Jesse ran inside the back door and vanished. I frowned and sat down on the dead grass. Pulling the grass from the ground, I thought. I hated Jesse’s little brother Danny. He was always giving his family trouble. He was a troublemaker. I always would cry when Jesse told me what he did that made his parents mad. I got up from the grass and looked at my phone, that was sitting on the silver table. I picked it up and looked at the screen. I had a text message from Matthew saying, “Hey do you think that you and Jesse can come to the graduation pa...

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...s happening right now seemed like a nightmare. I followed the street light as I walked, thinking of life. Suddenly, this blue truck turned around the block. I was about 5 blocks from the party and it was dark. My heart start to beat really fast. Nothing felt right. It felt like something bad was going to happen. Fast walking, I turned around and headed back to the party, but the truck stopped. That’s when I knew what was going to happen next, I ran as fast as I could with my high heels. The truck started and drove towards me. I ran faster and turned the corner. Hoping the blue truck would lose me. Out of breath, I stopped and listened to the music that was playing really loud. I started to run again, knowing that I was close to the house. I could also hear my high heels scraping the floor every time I took a step. At first I thought I had lost the truck but I didn’t.

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