Analysis and Summary of Lost and Found

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Lost and Found A normal life of a teenage girl in high school named Darcy. She lives in a small apartment with only her sister named Jamee, her mother named Mattie, and her grandma that is on stroke. Darcy was a sophomore in highschool that only had her one friend named Brisana. They were always straight A students and would usually characterize other “low-lives” on a scale from 1 - 10. The only problem is that her sister Jamee was having trouble in school and was always in trouble. Jamee was an 8th grader and was found hanging out with bad people who are laid back in highschool with their driver’s license. Jamee used to be a good child until her father left them for another woman. To make it even more sad, her grandma ended up in a stroke which made her immobilized and in risk of death. While their mother was barely home since she works almost 24/7. While Darcy was in school, she was assigned a project to do with a girl name Tarah. A girl she didn’t like from how she was very “stupid” according to her. But Darcy found out that just because the person you . hate, doesn’t mean that the person does not have a heart once you get to know that person. They ended up doing that when going to the ocean with Tarah and her boyfriend Cooper.But Cooper started to mess around with Darcy and threw a water bug that lives off of blood onto her sweater. Darcy screamed and struggled it off of her sweater, but ending up with her going home on the bus. While she was waiting for the bus, a Silver Toyota car came up with no one else on the street. Darcy was scared if he was going to do something to her and hoped that the bus came faster and luckily it did. A couple of days after, Cooper an... ... middle of paper ... ... scary and creepy. Darcy calls the cops and finds out…. The man in the Silver Toyota is her Father. This most definitely surprises the readers and feels that the story is about to hit its climax. Sadly, While Darcy went to hang out with Hakeem, Jamee ran away from home. Darcy finds this out and panics, but is able to keep enough calm and call everyone connected to her including the cops. This makes the readers excited from how they are going to expect even more excitement from this story. Then it hits them, They’re grandma speaks about Jamee’s past and gave out where she was. Darcy and the group rush to the hiking spot that they went 5 years ago and find her. Finally, The readers were given a mood of amazement from how their grandma does something very amazing in the condition that she was in. Fin.
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