Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences

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I am an undocumented student at UC Davis. When I am asked a simple question such as, "describe your personal experiences", I ask myself: Where do I begin? The reason behind this reasoning is because I became a well rounded individual who was exposed to all types of experiences. Some of those include prejudice, determination, struggle and even pride. Nonetheless, these combination of personal experiences have contributed to the person I am today. That is, a young female in the pursue of her aspirations despite the barriers. To start off, I have mentioned prejudice and in my opinion, this concept cannot be fully comprehended until it is experienced. However, I can describe how prejudice made me a stronger person. I grew up in a small town …show more content…

But do you really know the struggle? Do you know what it is literally to not understand anything? Do you know what it is to live in scared? Or even simpler, do you know what it is living in a small trailer sleeping with all your siblings and parents together in an old bed trying to escape the harsh cold winter? Do you really know? Because of this, I needed to adapt to my new environment at a fast pace. Eventually, I did. But, this let to a conflict that was like a war within me. I was fighting with who I needed to become and who I wanted to be. To clarify this, I can put it into a social and psychological scene. I needed to be someone who was not seen as an immigrant because that would open doors for me in my community. On the other hand, I wanted to be an example for others in the same situation as me. How can I be both in order to move forward? At the end, I realized that despite what I did and what I understood I was not going to be accepted because I have an accent, because I look hispanic and because I come from a low-economic background. Consequently, I was denied academic opportunities in my high school because having an accent made me look inferior. All I had and still have is very limited. Having limitations is not under my control. The only thing I can do is enrich my knowledge with the little I do

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