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Personal Narrative My Life I never really thought about where my life was going. I always believed life took me where I wanted to go, I never thought that I was the one who took myself were I wanted to go. Once I entered high school I changed the way I thought. This is why I chose to go to college. I believe that college will give me the keys to unlock the doors of life. This way I can choose for myself where I go instead of someone choosing for me. I have chosen to go to the local community college to get used to the college experience. College life can be an exciting time but at the same time it can be a challenge. I feel that starting out at the community college would be a better chose than "jumping" into life at a four-year university. Most of my life has been focused on my career. I never really thought about my life outside of high school until my junior year. It was not until this year that I realized all the things that were involved with my career interests. Although I am very committed to my career choices. I have chosen to major in elementary education and minor in photography. I chose to major in elementary education because of my love for children . I enjoy working with children, I feel that they have an entirely different way of looking at the world. I want to make a difference in the lives of children. I want to improve their lives, but at the same time make it fun and interesting instead of dull and tedious. Children naturally have a short attention span. I have worked in an elementary school for four years, and I have learned that to keep children entertained but at the same time teaching them. America has a high demand for elementary school educators. Most people don't have an i... ... middle of paper ... ... the hood and have an idea of how everything looks. In the future this experience will save me money. I stead of having my car fixed I can fix it my self and save money by not paying a mechanic. This year I have decided to get involved further with my school by being the school mascot and dance team manager. This position requires a lot of time and commitment. Athough this has taught me that no matter how hard things get you most stick it out because of your commitment. I think the most influential people in my life are my parents. They are always there when I need them and sometimes when I think that I don't. They have taught me the value of honesty. I feel that they are the soul reason why I turned out the way I did. I don't drink or do drugs because they have taught me they are wrong and unhealthy. I was taught to respect my self as well as others.

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