Essay The Issue Of Child Athletics

Essay The Issue Of Child Athletics

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The world has come a long way from fighting to the death for a scrap of food, but child athletics is quickly becoming primitive. Imagine the scrap of food as a Division I college scholarship, and the parents are fighting to the death to get their child to the top. There will be few professional athletes, but there are millions of children involved in youth athletics. Along the way to the top, someone has to be left behind, and the course is littered with former athletes struggling with physical and mental health issues. It is similar to the things one would watch in popular movies, like The Hunger Games. Only one child gets to be the champion.
In 2000, a Boston father was charged with manslaughter after he recklessly assaulted the referee of his child’s hockey game. The man,Thomas Junta, was thrown out of the rink, but he waited for the referee to leave the rink. He then threw the unsuspecting referee to the ground; the blow to the head killed the referee almost instantly, but Junta still continued to pummel him in the head (Butterfield 1). One dentist in Albuquerque went as far as to sharpening his son’s face mask in order to slash opposing players (Watkins 7).
Anxiety is the body’s natural response to an important moment in a person’s life. It is the body’s fight or flight mode turning on. The natural response turns into a runaway train when the body gets run down by stress. An inescapable form of stress for young athletes is the cutthroat culture of youth athletics. Coaches are trying to make a great athlete and not a great kid. Young athletes are expected to have more and tougher training, only to be discarded for fresher blood when they eventually can no longer perform. When one over train athletes the symptoms...

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..., when you should have gone right?” Parents should instead say, “I love to watch you play.” A young child is still looking for the acceptance of their parents. When Luis Llosa coached a little kid 's soccer team, he had a young girl who wanted tremendously to play goalie. She voiced her opinions in front of her father, and the father tells Llosa his daughter can’t play goalie because she has horrible hands. Llosa watched the girl drop her head in shame; she just wanted to prove herself to her father, but he shut her down before she could even get a chance.
The importance of children’s athletics is for kids to have fun. When the child stops getting enjoyment out of the sport, then it is the parent’s job to take them out. Sports can have many positive effects on a child’s life, but it is important to remember that too much of a good thing can make it a bad thing.

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