Gymnastics Athletic Injuries

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The sheer energy of a gymnast alone can be felt by audiences of all ages, but what the spectators lack the ability to feel is the pounding of the bodies that bear the impact of the athletes in action. Gymnastics consists of a mixture of acrobatic performances of four different events for females, and six different events for males (Gianoulis 1). Gymnastics is demanding in a multitude of ways, including: physically, emotionally and mentally. It requires countless hours of dedication. The concerns of most gymnasts are moving up to the next level, or getting a more advanced skill, while the concerns of the doctors, coaches, and parents revolve mostly around the athlete’s health, which is put at stake for the adored yet dangerous sport. Injuries are common among both male and female gymnast alike, but due to the fact a female gymnast’s career peaks at the same time of major growth and development, a female gymnast’s body as a whole is more likely to undergo lifelong changes or affects (Gianoulis 2). Among the injuries of the mind blowing athletes, the most common ones affect the ankles, feet, lower back, wrist, and hands of individuals (Prevention and Treatment 1). From sprains, to the breaks, the intriguing sport of gymnastics is physically demanding on a gymnast’s body. Apart from injuries to bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints, other effects, both good and bad, result from participation gymnastics. Early Osteoporosis, delayed menstruation, and eating disorders are some effects consistently found in female gymnast (Gianoulis 2). Aside from internal effects, over eighty-six thousand injuries are medically treated each year (Prevention and Treatment 1). These injuries often result from constant use, resulting in overstress... ... middle of paper ... ... Medicine. 3rd ed. Vol.3. Detroit: Gale, 2006.2139-2141. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 3 Apr. 2014. Gianoulis, Tina. "Foodies." St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Ed. Thomas Riggs. 2nded. Vol. 2. Detroit: St. James Press, 2013. 351-352. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web.22 Apr. 2014. Gymnastics, Rehabilitation .” Body in Balance Physical Therapy. 12 March 2014. “Prevention and Treatment of Gymnastics Injuries.” AOSSM Sports Tips. 7 April 2014 “What are the Health Benefits of Gymnastics?” December 18,2013. Livestrong Foudation. 12 March 2014.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that gymnastics is physically demanding on a gymnast's body, and that it requires countless hours of dedication and dedication.
  • Explains that gymnastics causes a multitude of injuries, but it also affects the athletes in positive ways.
  • Explains that injuries to the knee and ankles are the most common lower body injuries in gymnasts.
  • Explains that gymnastics can be prevented by warming up aerobically and an-aerobically, which can eliminate some of the eighty-six thousand injuries treated medically per year.
  • Opines that what are the health benefits of gymnastics? livestrong foudation.
  • Explains that gymnasts' upper body is a weight bearing joint. wrist, shoulder, and elbow injuries are common in gymnastics.
  • Explains dupler, douglas, and gianoulis, tina. "knee injuries." the gale encyclopedia of medicine. 3rd ed.

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