Islam 's Views On Islam Essay

Islam 's Views On Islam Essay

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Islam meaning “surrender” or “submission” rose with the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century, Islam was started in the Middle East in the Arabia peninsula. Muhammad said islam is the surrender of will to Allah, the creator and sustainer of the world. Muslims study the Quran which contains teaching of Muhammad that were shown to him from Allah. According to Islam Allah is the one and only true God. Islam has several different categories to its religion. The two main branches within Islam are the Sunni and Shi’a. Islam has five main fundamental practices, which include fasting, the haji (a pilgrimage to Mecca), a ritual profession of faith, the zakat (charity) and ritual prayer. One of the most well known thing about the Islamic faith is their ritual prayer which they pray to Allah five times a day. Muslims gather in mosques to worship Allah, pray, and read scriptures. All aspects of a Muslims life revolve around serving Allah.
Muhammed started having revelations so he would meditate at Mount Hira, near Mecca. During one of these meditations Archangel Gabriel came to him and told him to recite “ in the name of your lord”. This was the first revelation that started the basis of the Quran. Muhammad revelations pointed to the existence to a one and only single God.
Because of Muhammad’s revelations he began to attract followers. Not everyone accepted Allah’s message spoken through Muhammad. Even some of his own clan rejected his teachings. He had a strong message which made a lot of the Meccan merchants mad. They were afraid trade would suffer, which was believed to be protected by their pagan gods. From the point on Muhammad was excluded in Mecca.
In Mecca Muhammad’s followers were abused, harassed, and some even tortured. Muhammad...

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...ailors and slaves. Muslims were estimated to have compromised as much as 15 to 20 percent of the African slaves brought to America.
In the 20th century many Muslims have found new homes in western Europe and the United States. Muslims began to settle in Europe after World War II as laborers, students, and professionals. Ib the 1950’s and 60’s most of the Muslim world won independence from European colonial powers.
Bad poverty, political repression, and violence has led many Muslims to turn to Islam as their only hope for liberation, peace, security, health, and prosperity. Ongoing violence has caused huge grievances. Politics of the 20th century have pretty much failed Muslims. Many Muslims believe that a full return of Islam to the center of personal and public life will restore Muslim power and influence, and eventually bring welfare and health to their society.

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