Similarities and Differencces between Christianity and Islam

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Christianity and Islam are two religions that grew from the same central idea of one divine being; they also originate from Jerusalem. However, the two religions bear great disparity but they also hold a few similarities. Both Islam and Christianity believe in Abraham as the forefather of both religions; they believe Him to be the founder of the two religions. The two religions have a holy book; Islam uses the Quran while Christians use the bible. Even though the two books do not bear the same teachings they are considered sacred in both religions. However, Christianity and Islam share a great deal of differences starting from the holy books, their beliefs, and the information contained in the respective holy book (Kavanaugh, 5).
The essay will compare between Christianity and Islam and the comparison will be reflected through study of the similarities and differences.
Differences between Christianity and Islam
1. The understanding of God
Both Christians and Islam believe in one Supreme Being but according to Christian they call Him God while Muslims call him Allah. The two religions conceptualize God in different ways. Muslims view Allah as one God, this is emphasized through the word ‘tawhid’ which in Islam means “absolute unity”. Christians on the other hand view God as three holy beings, God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. According to theology this is known as the holy trinity. Early Christians did not understand the meaning of the word trinity which led to the thought that they worship three gods. However, through Christian teachings the meaning of trinity is brought out through the concept of love. Love cannot exist in seclusion ’God is Love’; hence God cannot exist in one form. This is considered blas...

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...ons believe in fasting as stated in the holy books. Both Holy books state that followers should pray to God and Allah for it is considered holy and right (Jaoudi, 7).
From the information above it is clear that Christianity and Islam believe in one Supreme God. All believers should focus on following the commandments and rules as stated in the respective holy books. However, Christianity and Islam share great differences hence it is appropriate to conclude that Christianity is different from Islam.

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