Essay on Is It Really Therapeutic?

Essay on Is It Really Therapeutic?

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Is It Really Therapeutic?
Universally understood and practiced, “retail therapy” has significant effects on our purchases, primarily due to selfish reasoning of improving our mood and disposition. Albeit shopping is not the traditional form of therapy, it is proven to result in a positive emotional effect on individuals. Despite the fact most retail therapy self-treats are unplanned, people treat and pamper themselves with the intention of mood repair that does not lead to negative feelings. Companies are strategically motivating their potential consumers to immediately sell their products because most of the purchases made are spare in the moment. Thus, it has become the companies’ responsibility to indirectly, and under consciously place their possible customers in a “shopping mood” for an increase in their sales.
Most people are guilty of emotional spending at one time or another, whether it has occurred when mad, sad, angry, or happy. So why does society feel the need to spend extra money on items they might not care about in two weeks post purchase? According to a survey conducted by TNS Global, Yarrow, an editor of Time, notes that 52% of Americans admit to engaging in “retail therapy.” Additionally, 62% of shoppers has had purchased something to cheer themselves up, and another 28% had purchased as a form of celebration (Yarrow). Window shoppers somehow convince themselves on purchasing the newest and “coolest” Nikes out on the market. Huffington post declares psychologists have found that people shop the most leading up to big life transitions. As indicated, Americans shop the most during their lifetime prior to getting married or having a child. The entire shopping process turns people’s anxiety and stress in ease. Fo...

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...ercrombie& Fitch position large posters of half naked, eye catching models as well as having them model out in front of the store to attract some attention. As their models are “hip, popular, and fit” the company purposefully plans for the “walk by” customers to stop and say, “I want a crop top just like that, with those exact jeans, embellished with that belt.” At the same time, one imagines themselves as “cool as the models.” Companies like Hollister and Abercrombie &Fitch advocate their customer’s appeal to smell by heavily spraying their signature perfumes throughout their stores. This way, whomever walks by any of their stores, recognizes their signature smell. This is one of the simple ways nationwide companies lure in their customers and even without the intention of purchasing anything, customers change their mind into rewarding themselves.

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