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  • Defining an Individual

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    Defining an Individual What is an individual? How can one become an individual? Is it even possible to become an individual in society? Can we successfully distinguish ourselves from the majority to make our own decisions? How does your family affect your personality and every day decision making: your ethics and morals? How does your childhood affect you today? How does it affect our subconscious-something we can not control and we do not have access to? Is it possible to go back in time and

  • The Category of the Individual

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    The Category of the Individual In The Order of Things, Michel Foucault argues that there is a "pure experience of order and its modes of being" (Foucault xxi), that order exists and that it is necessary. Foucault is concerned with language because it is a mode by which we maintain order in the world, and according to his argument, what we should fear are heterotopias, which "undermine language," "make it impossible to name this and that," "shatter or tangle common names," and "destroy 'syntax'

  • Irrepresive Individuals

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    The Irrepressible Individual in the Works of Shirley Jackson Throughout her life, Shirley Jackson struggled with a conflict between her dogged individuality and society's requirement that she adhere to its norms and standards. Jackson saw a second level of human nature, an inner identity lurking beneath the one which outwardly conforms with society's expectations. Society's repression of her individuality haunted Jackson in her personal life and expressed itself in her writing through the opposition

  • Operation Individual

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    Operation Individual A thousand cars, well Computer Assisted Rovers, rode up and down the sky highways of the Upper East Side. Enormous skyscrapers reached to the top of the massive dark sooty heavens that surrounded Chicago, kind of like a bubble that kept them away from the world. The year was 3015, and the world was a completely different place. It was like a metropolitan on speed. Society no longer needed sidewalks, telephones, thanks to video recorded messages, and basically crime, since

  • Calamitatum Of The Individual

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    In the realm of critical thinking, Abelard undoubtedly ranked highly in his day. He was an expert dialectician, philosopher and theologian, and as a result led a movement towards individual thinking. He traveled a lonely path of individuality, and when his ideas were suppressed, he found different ways to express his individuality. The beginning of his life was marked by extreme personal freedom. As his journey through life continued, he found himself compounded with innumerable restrictions. The

  • Individuals and Society

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    American social institutions treat individuals fairly because people are a threat to themselves, they are a danger to others and without a judicial system there would be mass chaos. Delusion is the main theme in the early twentieth century in “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber when Walter is thrown back and forth between reality and a daydream state. Twenty five years later, Ray Bradbury, presents the schizophrenic views of Albert Brock in the story “The Murderer.” The most sanely

  • The Obscurities of the Individual

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    The Obscurities of the Individual In James Joyce’s Dubliners many themes arise in regards to the human basis of character. The author focuses on a critique of the situation in Ireland and on its society. This is adequately represented in the stories “A Little Cloud” and “The Dead” as well. With characters that suffuse themselves into the far back regimes of their minds, Joyce allows the reader to ‘feel’ the darkness that surrounds their lives. With efficient descriptions and simple storylines

  • Individual Beauty

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    Sometimes, when I lie on my back in the solitude of my room and the carpet bristles my skin, the ridges in the ceiling spread like daddy-long-legs in port-o-potties. Sometimes, when I lie in bed in the hush of the night and the moon is precisely angled outside my window, the global light streaks across my pillowcase like tadpoles in silver ponds. Sometimes, when my mind wanders… I’m fearless and flawless. And sometimes, at these dreamy times, I am not an eighteen-year-old prom junkie standing

  • Roles Of Individuals And Societies

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    Roles of Individuals and Societies The early twentieth century marked a period of rapid industrial and technological change in a society which began to redefine the roles of the individual and society. Max Weber and Sigmund Freud were two revolutionary thinkers of the time who recognized the importance of this relationship and tried to determine whether the power balance between society and the individual was tilted in one particular direction or the other. A world becoming an increasingly complex

  • Influence Of Individual Work

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    Emily Le (Dung Le) English 101 Prof. Bee Faxon Mar 13, 2014 Word count: The Influence of Individual Work If one day, each individual can make an impact on the environment and save another life, would we as a community be able to change the world through this little work? What can we do as an individual? While as individuals it might seem like we have no impact on the environment or any issue involved all over the world, by influencing and working with others, we can have a great impact from Individualisms