Pragmatic Assimilation Of Christian Counseling

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Mark McMinn purposely writes this twofold book to first, address the pragmatic assimilation of psychology, theology, and spirituality. Secondly, he explores the spirituality of a Christian counselor, and how this aspect of character affects the methods he or she may use to represent Jesus Christ when dealing with clients. Altogether, this book discusses the dual need for Biblical Counselors to multitask with clients while pursuing personal development in spirituality to advance a Christian worldview. The objective is to “help Christian counselors and researchers unite around certain key questions and perspectives so that our interventions become increasingly relevant and effective" (p. 6). McMinn (2011) establishes the topical history of integrating psychology and theology, and promptly transitions to the necessity of inclusion for spirituality into counseling sessions; he cogitates three queries: Will this aid in establishing a healthy sense of self? Will this aid in establishing a healthy sense of need? Will this aid in establishing a healing relationship? (McMinn, 2011, pg. 32). These three components cater to psychological and spiritual health. Christian counseling helps the client move away from need, a faulty sense of self, and relationships to “an assured sense of self, a cognizance of human need and limits, and revealing interpersonal relationships with others and most importantly, God” (p. 59). McMinn (2011) provides intervention tools needed for effective therapy. However, amid the six challenges, counselors can see the risks in implementing the suggested tools with: defining relevant ethical standards, establishing a scientific base, confronting dominant views of health, expanded definitions of training, blurred pers... ... middle of paper ... ...ot be based on my own understanding and interpretations. Yes, I must fuse personal knowledge into counseling sessions, but I have to discipline myself to heavily rely on God for ultimate confirmation and decision making with clients. I cannot infuse any tools or assist the client in becoming aware of self and needs without humbly accepting that my thoughts and actions are fallible because I am merely human. Although I have yet to practice counseling, I know one of the biggest changes I need to make in my life is to understand and know a person’s situation before assessing and attempting to offer Godly counsel. Effective intra-disciplinary integration is destined to my humility as a professional. I cannot counsel any client without truly knowing who he or she is and allowing God to show me the most operative technique for creating change in that person’s life.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mark mcminn's book addresses the pragmatic assimilation of psychology, theology, and spirituality.
  • Opines that mcminn's book provides an exceptional introduction to assimilated christian counseling.
  • Evaluates mcminn's use of spiritual disciplines as a channel for incorporating the spirituality of the counselor into the counseling session.
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