Is It A Victim Of A Crime? Essay

Is It A Victim Of A Crime? Essay

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There are many ways, where you can become a victim of a crime. In every crime, there is a victim. There is no required age limit in becoming a victim of a crime, from infant to elderly you can become a victim of any crime. In some instances you can be a victim of fraud, sexual abuse, mental and physical abuse. Victim advocates are and can be based on the type of crime victims (National Organization for Victim Assistance, 2015). But given in your time of need the government has giving us the resources of having victim advocates (U.S. Department of Transportation, & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010).
There are victim advocates that go beyond the criminal justice proceedings and called are system advocates. They are one in the same, system advocates and victim advocates, the difference is that system advocates help victims address systemic issues that impact victims. What this means is that they are there to improve the overall response or outcomes for all victims (Lonsway & Archambault Sergeant, 2013, pg.11).
Victim advocates are not the prosecutor, they are not the police officers or the department, and they are not the detective. Victim advocates are a person or persons with a degree in dealing with the trauma that has comes after a crime. They are given to you by the government as a resource for victims. The way that you can obtain a victim advocate is first, being a victim of a crime. In some cases, they are the first person that you will meet, they can be found at your local community service office. They are sometime found on local hotlines that are given to you in your state. Some of the victim advocates that are in your state are either paid staff and while others are volunteers (The National Center ...

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...hance that there will be more of an awareness in the community. Researchers found that for likable celebrities, the more handling of the object, the more it was worth to people (Sager, 2011). Some ways that we can make the community awareness for victim advocates are having events and activities that consist of: having fairs by doing workshops or having lectures that imply victim memorial gardens, and having the community tribute a candle light. Down to the simplest activates as having a 5k run, or luncheons or breakfast. Awareness in the forms of fliers and brochures that can be handed out in the local restaurants, informational flyers in the restrooms, in local bars or nightclubs that include local victim service hotline numbers” (Office of Justice Programs, 2015). Any one of these can contribute to make the community aware of victim advocates and their services.

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